4 Common Friendship Gemstone Jewelry

Genuine and strong friendships have been known to easily transcend language barriers and cultural divides. Certain symbols of friendship have existed in most human societies for centuries throughout history. Jewelry pieces were often used as friendship symbols. For example, the symbol of two hands holding a heart was an ancient Celtic sign that was usually used to represent friendship, love, and loyalty and it was often worn as a gemstone ring. Native Americans also had the Arrows of Friendship symbol which was two arrows crossed as a sign of a bond between different tribes or individuals who have made peace and now have a lasting friendship.

Gemstone Jewelry

Today, friendship bracelets have been trending and are now an official symbol of strong bonds. From back in the 1970s, friends would give each other colored braided bracelets as a symbol of their bond of friendship. Today friends still give colored braided bracelets to each other, but the focus has now shifted to colored gemstone jewelry as a token of friendship. With their knowledge about gemstones, friends could decide to buy a citrine bracelet or amethyst bracelet among others depending on what they want their friendship to be like.

Some of the commonly used gemstone jewelry representing friendship are as follows:

Lapis Lazuli

This is the most popular friendship gem and it is usually known as “The Stone of Truth and Companionship”.  This is one of those semi-precious stones whose popularity has remained throughout the ages thanks to its fascinating look with that deep blue color. Aside from its mystical healing properties, a lapis lazuli bracelet can be given as a symbol of new friendships or relationships since it is believed to have the ability to strengthen relationships and promote happiness in times of suffering.


The moonstone bracelet can be worn by friends to encourage blossoming friendships and encourage existing ones to remain strong. If you have a meaningful relationship that you want to maintain, consider buying a pair of moonstone bracelets in order to reinforce the expression of that meaningful relationship you have with your friend.

Carnelian Bracelets


This is another friendship jewelry that protects the wearer from evil thoughts. A carnelian bracelet worn by friends is believed to help cement the relationship especially when it is faltering. The wearers of any carnelian jewelry can also benefit from more self-confidence and there is nothing better than confidence in a person to make them a better friend.

The Garnet

This is also a popular friendship gem that promotes happiness and optimism. A garnet bracelet makes one of the best friendship bracelets and when received as a gift, it manifests its positive mystical properties to the fullest. However, when unlawfully acquired, the garnet is believed to have the power to curse.

Friendship bracelets are still popular and not only among teenagers.  In these times when true friendships are hard to come by, everyone with a best friend would love to cement that friendship and have it blossom as years go by. The beauty and mystical properties of gemstone bracelets are also believed to play a great role in ensuring strong friendship bonds.

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