4 Reasons Why Handmade Gemstone Jewelry Is The Rage Today

Handmade gemstone jewelry is currently the rage when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry. That personal attention and love that artisans of the jewelry put into their work are always evident in the masterpieces that they create. The artists use gemstones along with other suitable available material to come up with unique designs to amaze gemstone jewelry enthusiasts.

Ancient Handmade Jewelry

The history of handmade jewelry dates back several thousands of years ago when gemstone jewelry was used by different cultures. Most used it for ornamentation while others used it for other purposes such as symbolism. What is clear is that ancient cultures revered handmade gemstone ornaments and since machines had not yet been created for mass production, every piece was skillfully crafted by a creative artisan.

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Why is handmade gemstone jewelry so popular today? A few reasons are as follows:

  1. Unique Art

Today, mass production of jewelry has spoiled the art and uniqueness in gemstone jewelry. The manufacturing machinery that solders, saws, and shapes gemstone pieces manage to produce hundreds of similar jewelry pieces per hour. All pieces are exactly identical and uniqueness and art are lost.  This robs the jewelry lovers an opportunity to highlight their own unique style when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry.

Garnet Gemstone Earring

On the other hand, a creative gemstone artisan can, for example, take that one hour or more to craft a unique and extremely beautiful pair of handmade gemstone earrings. Such unique pieces are what will define your unique personal style when you wear them. It is evident that mass production of gemstone jewelry is the bane of creativity.

  1. The Name Bears Quality

The quality in smaller scale production which is where many handmade jewelry pieces come from is unquestionable. The makers and artisans are always very proud of their finished pieces because they usually control the process from scratch to finish. No gemstone jewelry artisan can risk tarnishing their name by letting any inferior gemstone jewelry piece leave their studio and get displayed in the market with their name on it.

  1. The Intimate Relationship

An artisan of handmade gemstone jewelry usually has a very intimate relationship with every design they create. Most of them are inspired to make unique jewelry and that is why every line and curve is created with a purpose. All their energy and love goes into the piece resulting in this fine piece of beautiful gemstone jewelry. This is why most jewelry enthusiasts will pay more attention when they learn that certain jewelry is handmade because they recognize the intimate relationship between the artist and the masterpiece.

  1. No Identical Pieces

Women who wear jewelry love to stand out and most of them usually get rubbed the wrong way when they see another woman wearing the same or similar jewelry.¬† With women’s handmade gemstone jewelry such incidents are less likely to occur. This is because, with handmade jewelry, there are no pieces that are exactly identical. As you wear the handmade gemstone necklace, you are the only person with that particular piece of jewelry and that in itself says a lot about your good taste.

The Piece of the Artist

Like art enthusiasts who love collecting paintings from famous artists, you as a jewelry enthusiast who loves collecting jewelry could also do well with a special piece of the artist as part of your jewelry collection. Look for gemstone jewelry that is handmade and your collection will be rich with masterpieces from creative artisans.

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