4 Ways to Drop Hints for the Jewelry Gift You Want On Valentine’s Day

The long holidays are past now and you probably got and received gifts from your loved ones. There is something about the exchange of gifts that we all love and even when a gift is not ideal for us, we tend to accept it all the same and sincerely show our gratitude. However, the days of receiving the gifts that you don’t like shouldn’t be prolonged. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and another gift-giving day is definitely upon us. Since jewelry is one of those valentine day gifts that make the special day even more special, you can make your request special so that you don’t end up getting what you really don’t like.

Gemstone Jewelry

There are ways that you can let your loved one know early if you want a lapis lazuli necklace this time with a matching pair of earrings for example. If you are too shy to directly ask your love for that special piece of gemstone jewelry, here are some crafty ways to drop hints on the type of jewelry gift you want this coming Valentine’s Day.

  1. Hints Through An Online Wish List

This is easy if you keep an online journal. You could let your love know the specifics of the product or brand that you favor through a blog post, an online wish list or an online journal. Anything can be stated on your online wish list.  From a garnet necklace combined with a pair of matching shoes of a brand that you like, to your favorite kind of flowers that you would love on Valentine’s Day, these are all obvious hints of what you desire. Make sure you include links to the products that you want to save your love the trouble of having to spend time looking for them.

  1. Tweet About Your Wishes

Twitter seems to be a favorite communication tool for heads of state today when they want to show approval or displeasure. It can work for you as well when you send your special request tweet out there. When your love finds it they will definitely know and consider your “gift request”. However, if they don’t, you never know, your tweet could be “featured in the news” too and that would be difficult for him to ignore because he will definitely get an email about it since he is no doubt following you. Just ensure that you include the right hashtags for your tweet to achieve that trend potential.

  1. Share On Facebook and Instagram

You can always share a photo of that beautiful carnelian gemstone necklace that you have desired for a long time as a post on your timeline along with a link to an article about it.  With most people never passing up a day without checking Facebook, he will definitely see it and get the message.  You could also do the same on Instagram. Upload that photo and hashtag it accordingly for your love to get the message clearly.

Carnelian Necklaces


  1. Drop The Hint During Conversations

Your love is the closest person to you and during your conversations, you can casually drop the hint in the conversation in a subtle way like, “If only I had a citrine necklace to wear with my dress for our Valentine’s date night.  When your hints eventually work and you get that gemstone jewelry or any other gift that you want, show your gratitude sincerely and in every way let your love know that they bought the best gift for you.

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