Accessorizing Your favorite Fashion staples With Gemstone Jewelry

Just like each country has its own staple food, in fashion world we all have our own fashion staples and we can always wear them each time as if for the first time. Why is this so? This is because we can all learn to style our old favorites using accessories and making them look better.

A gemstone bracelet, for example, might not sound like much, but you would be surprised just how impactful it can be when paired with your favorite fashion staples and other forms of jewelry. Some very common must-have staples in a woman’s closet that would look lovelier with gemstone accessorizing are as follows:-

The Basic Tee

Your most comfortable tee isn’t just for those times when you laze around the house and move out and about and when you are in no hurry and going nowhere in particular. That basic tee can be dressed up and make you look spectacular. Consider tucking it into your pencil skirt and hyping it up with your heels that match your carnelian bracelet for example, then complete the look with a pair of carnelian earrings and a killer handbag of the same color. The basic tee will no longer look basic but a major part of the whole spectacular look.

The Black Blazer

This is one of those common fashion staples ranked as every modern woman’s “Best Fashion Friend”. If you have one of these make sure it isn’t too long sleeved, so that you can show off your lapis lazuli bracelet assuming that is what you are wearing. You can wear this black blazer with your formal dress, simple summer dress or a drop-waist dress if you intend to achieve an elongating effect. For the best effect ensure that your black blazer is the perfect fit for your body size.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

The Black Dress

Which modern woman doesn’t have a black dress in the closet?  Everyone has one because it is a classic. Throw it on and you have an instant easy look for a date night. Pair it with a colored blazer and you have the simple look to go for that wedding, accessorize it with a moonstone bracelet and earrings, and you can go and blend into your workplace environment.  The black dress is just magical because it goes with absolutely everything you would consider pairing it up with. It is indeed a lifesaver during those times that you just don’t know what to wear.

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelets

Blue Jeans 

This is another fashion staple that is as old as fashion. You can wear them depending on your tastes and how liberated you are. They could be a pair of nice long ones, cut-offs, rugged, miniskirt, dungarees, pencil skirt, flared and so on. It might be casual Friday, you might be traveling, attending a party, going picnicking, but you can always pair up your jeans with gemstone jewelry and look lovely. You can wear a garnet bracelet with a matching anklet along with your cut-off jeans and look amazing. You could also choose other forms of gemstone jewelry and accessorize the kind of blue jeans you are wearing.

There are more fashion staples like the chunky sweater, the striped top, the flowery dress and other accessories like the ankle boots, a cross body bag, the baseball cap and so on. Whatever your own favorite fashion staple is, just remember to accessorize them every time you wear them to make them look unique.

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