Accessorizing Short Hairstyles With Gemstone Jewelry

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Today many women prefer one of those short and chic haircuts such as a pixie, bob, punk, crop and many others. Short hair is a common masculine look but for a woman to maintain a chic and sweet look, they have to think of ways to make this happen. It all lies in the choice of earrings and other accessories.

Avoiding Short Cuts?

But first, are you one of those women who love short hairstyles but avoid them because you are afraid of looking the same every day? As much as it is true that compared to long hair, short hair lacks many styling options, there is still a lot of room for you to get creative. First, your earrings will take center stage, which means you must always step out in a pair of dazzling beauties and it will look even better if your beauties are gemstones.

Earrings play a huge role in enhancing your look and short hair is perfect for showing them off. You can wear any pair of earrings with your short hairstyle but not all of them will look great.

Your Best Bet

Accessorizing with gemstones should be your best bet even as you adopt different ways of styling that pixie cut or whatever short hairstyle you are currently rocking. Whenever you feel like switching things up, you can always explore the various options available. A few tips to help you choose the best earrings for your short hairstyle are as follows:

  1. Earrings Must Balance Your Haircut

As you choose your earrings, avoid the ones that are too overwhelming. Remember that every pair you choose should balance your haircut.  In some instances, a pair of bold earrings could look appealing with a short hairstyle but this isn’t always the case. For example, Jhumkas will be all wrong for a punk look hairstyle.  In order to be on the safe side, opt for subtle earrings. They could be anything from studs, loops, hoops or a simple pair of dangle gemstone earrings. Always go for a pair that will complement that short hair expression you have going.

  1. Bold Earrings For Nights Out Informal Occasions

Bright, bold and dangling earrings are ideal for night outs or for casual events. Since you want those dangling and flashy Lapis Lazuli Earrings to be the epicenter for your overall look, consider wearing them to informal events. Stick to stud earrings or a pair of mild-colored gemstone earrings for any formal events. That way you will look elegant in both formal and informal settings.

  1. Consider Your Hair Color

The best pair of gemstone earrings you choose should complement the color of your short hairstyle and compliment your entire look. If, for example, you happen to have a short hairstyle with brown hair, earrings of silver and dark gemstones will not be ideal. Brighter colored earrings such as a pair of Citrine Earrings will flatter your hairstyle better.

On the other hand, if your short hairstyle is black or dark brown then silver and pale gemstones will work better. And if you are a redhead or have dyed your hair purple or any other bright color, you could do better with a softer pair of earrings like  Rose Quartz Earrings or a pair of crystal clear quartz beauties.

Rose Quartz Necklaces

Short hair styling with gemstone earrings shouldn’t be a problem now after considering the above tips. Wear your short haircut proudly and showcase that pair of Garnet Earrings if that is all you got, without fear

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