Accessorizing With Gemstone Jewelry

Colorful and sparkling gemstone jewelry is appreciated around the world. The universal appeal of gemstone jewelry stems from its myriad colors and style combinations along with the natural ability to create, capture and reflect the wearer’s personal style.  Most gemstone lovers will buy a gemstone necklace for its beauty while others will buy it for its therapeutic benefits or what they represent.

The Long History

Gemstone jewelry has a long and interesting history dating back to ancient civilizations. Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Christian and other ancient civilizations have accounts recognizing gemstones for their beauty, mystical property and symbolism.

Today, gemstone jewelry is a huge industry thanks to its popularity when it comes to accessorizing. People still appreciate the ability to place that deeper meaning in the gemstone jewelry piece they wear. This is why most gemstones will also be connected to birth months and classified as birthstones.

Best For Accessorizing

Gemstone jewelry ranging from earrings to anklets has been known to be the best for accessorizing.  A women’s jewelry display, for example, cannot simply exist without gemstone jewelry included.  Both precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry have taken the jewelry industry by storm because women have realized how impressionable their overall appearance becomes when they accessorize with them.

Fashion Necklaces For Women

There is that time in every woman’s life when most things from head to toe are absolutely perfect.  The hair, makeup, shoes, handbag, and outfit are all perfect and then the perfection stops at the jewelry.  It is not unusual for a woman to try on several pieces of jewelry before they go out and then finally settle on one that is perfect for their look. With gemstone jewelry, such time-wasting is usually nonexistent because most gemstone pieces will compliment most outfits.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone necklaces are usually the most worn of all jewelry.  Most gemstone necklaces will fit in with all the rules about necklaces, skin tones, and necklines. Having one in your collection will save you on those days when you have to go out quickly and have no time for getting stuck in front of your mirror for hours deciding on which necklace best compliments your killer overall look.

 Must Have Gemstone Necklaces

While all of us can’t afford precious gemstone jewelry, semi-precious gemstone jewelry is not only affordable, but allows women to achieve that stunning look.  There are two pieces of semi-precious gemstone jewelry that shouldn’t be missing in your necklace collection and they are an Amethyst necklace and a Carnelian necklace.

Why an Amethyst and Carnelian necklace is a must?  First, they are very beautiful and will compliment most outfits in your wardrobe. Another reason is that they are renowned for their healing properties. The Amethyst is known for promoting intuitive dreams and inspired thoughts which make it perfect for those in a creative industry. The Carnelian stone, on the other hand, is known for shielding one from experiencing fear, anger, jealousy and to top it off, it also brings good luck.

Carnelian Necklaces

Just imagine looking stunning, feeling inspired and having good luck on your side; the perfect recipe for winning every day.  Consider looking for both an Amethyst or Carnelian necklace or if possible find a fashion necklace that features Amethyst chips strung with carnelian pieces. Today’s industry allows customization which makes it possible for every woman to get exactly what they love.

Break The Rules

Breaking the rules is allowed when it comes to gemstone jewelry. The colors can clash, you can look extremely colorful or extremely toned down or even both and still achieve a stunning look. Create a unique look of your own by going bold and you can only do that by forgetting the rules and turning to yourself and the world around you for inspiration as you don your favorite gemstone jewelry.

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