Add a Special Touch to Your Wardrobe with Garnet Jewelry

Garnet Gemstone Jewelry is a symbol of power and will provide that special spark to your wardrobe. One look at this beautiful stone is enough to make you fall in love and think of the countless fashion ideas that you can incorporate into your daily look.

Kings, Clergy and Nobility

The garnet was popular in the ancient times and today. Back then, Egypt’s pharaohs adorned their necks with garnet necklaces and considered garnet jewelry valuable enough to be worn in the afterlife. This is why these pharaohs were mummified with their Garnet Bracelet as one of their many prized possessions.

Garnet Bracelet

It is also believed that King Solomon of the Christian Bible was given a garnet gemstone by his God as one of the four precious stones. The King of Saxony also loved the garnet gemstone and is said to have owned a garnet piece of over 465 carats.

The popularity of this stone didn’t cease after the biblical times because centuries later between 23 to 79AD, garnets were one of the most commonly traded gems. Later between 475 to 1450AD, the garnet became a favorite of the clergy and nobility.

When the famous Bohemian garnet deposits were discovered around 1500, the gemstone commanded the jewelry industry and its popularity in trading reached its peak during the late 1800s.

A Strong Piece

In these modern times, fashion lovers adore garnet gemstone jewelry. Some wear it because of its special spiritual significance, while others wear it to look elegant. Whatever the reasons for wearing it, the garnet remains a beautiful gem that can blend perfectly with any style. Giorgio Armani, an international fashion icon, apparently claimed that, “A strong piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look elegant”.  This quote rings true when it comes to Garnet Gemstone Earrings because there is no doubt that it can add a special touch to any simple outfit.

Garnet Earring

Incredibly Hard Stone

Garnet jewelry is an excellent choice for wearers who are prone to damage their jewelry. It is a combination of beauty and durability which is perfect for people who love keeping their jewelry for years. A Garnet Necklace can remain just as beautiful and colorful after being worn for several years.  Some have even gone so far as to replace the twine that holds the gemstones in a necklace just to keep experiencing its timeless beauty.

Garnet Necklace

Colors Galore

Most garnet gemstones can exist in any color except blue when exposed to natural light. However, when seen in artificial light, some garnets can be blue while others become transparent. It is therefore possible to find garnet gemstones of every color except blue. With the color variation, the fashion possibilities are countless which makes it an ideal addition to your gemstone jewelry collection.

Very Affordable 

Except for the rare types, the garnet gemstone is very affordable. There is the common red type which is very affordable thanks to its great abundance. Therefore, finding a beautiful piece of garnet jewelry including Garnet Anklet and more for your formal or casual occasions can easily fit within your budget.

Garnet Anklet

Beliefs and Mystical Properties

Garnet is known as the symbol of friendship and love. It makes an ideal gift for a lover or a best friend. However, one of the strongest virtues of garnet is its ability to help the wearer overcome depression. The stone is also known to revitalize, purify and balance energy to achieve serenity.

Garnet jewelry, with its several amazing qualities, will add a very special touch your wardrobe.  Whether one seeks power, serenity, love or nothing more than beauty, Garnet provides you with incredible versatility.

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