Amethyst Jewelry – Choice Of Many Ornament Lovers

Every day is full of sparkle and bling for ornament lovers and fine semi-precious gemstones have made many of them excited thanks to the uniqueness and beauty that is evident in them. Because of its beauty and royal color, this February birthstone was featured in the British Crown Jewels, revered by Egyptian royalty and flaunted by none other than Catherine the Great whose love for this beautiful gemstone drove her to send thousands of workers to the Uralian mines to bring back the best quality Amethyst Jewelry. Her quest for the best amethyst resulted in the creation of the Siberian grade which is acclaimed for its high quality.

Ancient Beliefs

The amethyst was believed to have the ability to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence. The ancient Greeks and Romans studded their goblets with this stone believing that wine drunk from such a goblet would hardly intoxicate them. It was also believed that wearing Amethyst Necklace had that sobering effect not only when it came to drinking wine but also when someone possessed that uncontrollable and over-zealousness in passion.

Amethyst Necklaces

The wearers of this jewelry also believed that the stone controlled evil thoughts and kept them spiritually grounded. Increased intelligence and shrewdness especially in business matters was a common belief shared by Leonardo Da Vinci. Travelers also wore them for protection, soldiers wore them for victory and hunters wore them for luck in capturing game.  Black magic, witchcraft, disease and contagion were things that the wearer was also protected from.

A Top Choice

Many ornament lovers consider Amethyst Earring as their top choice because it offers the wearer an opportunity to successfully express their own personal style, celebrate life’s precious moments and experiencethe myriad of benefits that come by wearing amethyst jewelry for various occasions.  There are other reasons why jewelry from this February birthstone are so popular.

Amethyst Earrings

Obvious Beauty

The purple color of amethyst makes it stand out and rank it in the top tier of beautiful semi-precious stones. The power of the amethyst is such that you can’t fail to make an impression when wearing it!   Even a simple Amethyst Bracelet is enough to add that special style to a whole look. Women have used this jewelry to express their fashion style and many have been very successful.

Amethyst Bracelets

The amethyst gemstone has inspired many fashion enthusiasts to create fashionable looks for the everyday woman. In contrast to ancient time, you don’t have to be royalty to wear Amethyst Anklet.  It beauty andaffordability have inspired more appealing personal styles for women.  There is no doubt that the amethyst’s popularity among ornament lovers isn’t waning any time soon.

Amethyst Anklets

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