The Appeal and Beauty of Rose Quartz Jewelry

Also known as the “love stone”, rose quartz jewelry will be the appropriate gift this coming Valentine’s Day for any special loved one or yourself. It is believed to be a stone of unconditional love and peace which opens up the heart to all forms of love such as romantic love, family love, pet love, and self-love. It is also believed that the rose quartz lowers stress and calms and reassures the wearer especially when they are in a crisis.

Rose quartz – A Stone of Love

The rose quartz makes unquestionably beautiful jewelry. The beautiful jewelry pieces from this lovely gemstone never fail to complement an outfit. Further outlined below are various suggestions on wearing rose quartz jewelry.

Rose Quartz Necklace

This is a lovely necklace that will set your face aglow with the rosy tone. You can wear this necklace on various occasions. Consider a beaded rose quartz necklace instead of the commonly-worn pearls when gracing a formal occasion and wearing a lovely evening gown or a cocktail dress. If you are thinking about a more casual setting, consider the various designs of the rose quartz necklaces to compliment the casual outfit you choose.  Go for a rose quartz pendant or any intricate beaded- design if it will give you your desired casual look. You can never go wrong with this quartz necklace.

Rose Quartz Necklaces

Rose Quartz Earrings

Want to look feminine? These are the earrings to wear because they will soften your facial features and add that special glow, thanks to their rosy tone.  They are simple and lovely-looking earrings that can best be worn with jeans or any kind of classic dress. Dangling rose quartz earrings or rose quartz hoop earrings are also an option if you want a little bit of elegance and glamor to your outfit. You can also wear dangling quartz earrings with a sequin party dress if you really want to bring party look to your outfit and blend perfectly in a party atmosphere.

Rose Quartz Earrings

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Among beautiful gemstone bracelets, the rose quartz bracelet will stand out because this is a beautiful piece. You can wear this quartz bracelet both in and out of the office because it will never fail your overall look. This quartz bracelet is simple and modern which makes it perfect for modern-day outfits. You can pair it up with other bracelets. When wearing jeans, a long skirt, and some girly-looking top, you can use this bracelet to perfect your casual look. If you also want to pull off the famous bohemian-chic look then you will have this quartz bracelet working in your favor.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz Anklet

The rose quartz anklet is the perfect statement piece. It would be wise to consider the shoes you are wearing because you definitely don’t want this beautiful quartz anklet clashing with your footwear, but complementing it instead. It is a lovely choice for those wishing to show off their feet; it will also compliment a pair of lovely beaded or colorful sandals. You can wear your rose quartz anklet either hanging loosely from the ankle or wear it snug above your ankle bone.

Rose Quartz Anklet

Either way, the effect is beautiful. The rest of your outfit should be casual and you can wear it with shorts or a tutu skirt or dress.

The appeal and beauty of the rose quartz jewelry are evident.  It doesn’t matter if it is a quartz necklace, anklet, earrings or bracelet, the beauty stands out, making the wearer look spectacular.

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