How To Beat Winter Fashion Blues With Gemstone Jewelry

When winter comes it gets so chilly that everyone wants to keep warm first while the concerns about fashion and style come second. However, this shouldn’t mean that you lose your sense of style because you are layering up in order to brave the winter cold. It is possible to add a touch of chic even to the most practical winter weather outfits. That large woolen sweater that you love wearing to beat the cold as you walk outside during winter can be styled to completely transform your look.

Garnet Necklace

Gemstone Jewelry For You

Gemstone jewelry is the way to go of course, and the gemstone necklace should be the most revered of all your winter jewelry accessories. A simple striking gemstone necklace is enough to transform your winter look into a stylish one.

Most gemstone necklaces are super easy and super stylish when it comes to adding that finishing touch to the layered winter look. Outlined below are several stylish ways that you can wear your gemstone necklace with your winter outfit.

  1. Over A knit Top

A garnet necklace for example over a knit top along with a circle scarf around your neck can really look stylish. Make sure the necklace you are wearing is long enough to prevent the scarf from covering it completely when you throw it around your neck.

  1. Outside A Turtleneck

You can also wear your necklace outside your turtleneck right under the roll. Picture the contrast between the turtleneck’s fuzziness and the hard but smooth lines of the gemstone necklace. The effect is very unique and if the colors of both your turtleneck and gemstone are blending perfectly then you will be rocking this unique look.

  1. A Splash Of Color To Fifty Shades Of Grey

Your winter outfits could be dark greys and ash greys, lightest of greys and many other shades of grey. There is only one way to add color and that is by using a colorful gemstone necklace. It could be a garnet necklace or maybe you prefer a lapis lazuli necklace because it matches your winter boots or it’s the color that comes close to the color of your eyes.  Let your colorful necklace be the opportunity of adding that vivid splash of color against the grey background.

  1. With A High Neckline

You can wear your colorful carnelian gemstone necklace for example, with a high neckline top which is not a turtleneck, or with a high neckline dress. This is one way to add some drama to your winter look. In this case, the necklace could be shorter since you will not be wearing any scarf or a large turtleneck knit. Such a look will no doubt make you look fashionable and inspire you to try more winter looks with high neckline outfits.


As you keep warm, stay cozy and layer up, keep your gemstone necklaces within reach so that at any day you can pick that citrine necklace and use it to add texture and interest to your outfit to avoid the winter fashion blues common with those who haven’t discovered gemstone jewelry as winter accessories yet.

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