Bracelet Types That Fashionable Women Should Never Be Caught Wearing

A bracelet is a lovely piece of accessory and since time began it has been worn by women as we can see in portraits dating eons back. Today women have many choices when it comes to bracelets. Bracelets are made from different kinds of material and this allows women to achieve a certain uniqueness when wearing one. However, there are bracelet types which as a fashion-conscious woman you should never wear.  Some of them are as follows:-

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  1. A Hair Tie Bracelet.

You wouldn’t have a hair tie bracelet if you didn’t have hair or a hairstyle that is longer than your chin. You probably have this elastic hair tie around your wrist so that it can be convenient for when you need your hair pulled back and out of the way for a certain task. However, that hair tie bracelet is definitely not good for you.   Keep it in your bag away from sight instead of on your wrist. The only place it looks beautiful is in your hair, holding it back.

One thing that makes that hair tie a fashion abomination is that it ruins your look.  You have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that you look lovely as you step out in style. However, one tiny detail ruins your whole look and anyone observing will begin thinking, “maybe she is not so fashionable after all”. There is no way that hair tie will look like a fun bracelet because it will never blend with any of your real jewelry. Consider wearing real jewelry on your wrist like a moonstone bracelet for example instead of a hair tie bracelet.

  1. A String Bracelet

You could be appalled to hear that there is a string bracelet but yes, some people have this fetish for the string bracelet. They simply get a couple of strings and tie them on the wrist. Why would you put all your energies into turning on the glam only to have it all destroyed by a string bracelet? A string bracelet is a no-no because it cheapens your look. You have the option of a lovely beaded carnelian bracelet or a garnet bracelet; the list is endless.

  1. Rubberband Bracelets

They last for a short time and don’t look lovely but are great at ruining your look completely. Never wear rubber band bracelets unless you are wrapping things using the rubber bands and afterward, make sure you take them off. You can also wear them if you are a child, but you are a woman who has developed taste and know what will best accessorize your outfits. Go out there and find a semi-precious gemstone because your bracelet doesn’t have to be gold or diamond-studded. A single Peridot bracelet could be a great replacement for all those rubber band bracelets “adorning” your arm.

There you have it! Those are the three bracelet types that you should never wear. Why ruin your outfit with an obviously out of place accessory that isn’t exactly an accessory? There are many beautiful accessories out there that will add flair and style to your outfit. Go for those instead and let somebody look at you and think, “She truly is a fashion goddess”.


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