Calling  In The Festive Glitz and Glam

This holiday, most women are probably calling in glitzy and glam. Statement necklaces are a must this holiday as we are approaching its peak. It is of course not fair if your glitzy and glam collection lacked gemstones and more than one of them.

Calling  In The Festive Glitz and Glam mysticalone

You could be snuggling up next to the fire at home, decorating the Christmas tree or sipping hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies. You do that when you are not going out and attending party after party. At home by yourself or with family, you can stay in your warm pajamas day after day. However, when you go out there, you are going to need to make a statement and what better way than with a gemstone statement necklace.

Gemstone statement necklaces are so chic and very in style this festive season. Here are some ideas that you can borrow and wow all your friends, coworkers and Santa too!

Calling  In The Festive Glitz and Glam mysticalone

Citrine Wowness

The Citrine Necklace is one of the gemstone jewelry that fits right in with the holiday theme. The color will not be out of place because it is warm and sparkly. Wear this with your holiday outfit and it will no doubt garner attention.

A Holiday royal

Who said royals only live in England? You can be a royal this holiday with a Lapis Lazuli Necklace. Nothing makes you look spectacularly royal than a royal blue necklace with flakes of gold. Make sure it is the statement maker in your accessories and a head-turner this holiday. Wear it with your favorite holiday outfit and go to that party in style.

The Garnet passion 

Sometimes going a little mystic this holiday could spice up things for you. You want your holiday look to be all about love and passion, then nothing better than a lovely Garnet Necklace to give you the look. It will fit right in with the holiday theme of love and sharing. If you can incorporate it in your holiday fashion look, then you will definitely be on the guest list of many parties this holiday.

The Carnelian Courage

Yes, we all need courage and great optimism for the coming New Year and above all, we need to look spectacular. The Carnelian Gemstone Necklace will offer you all that. As you turn on the charm and sparkle in your holiday look this necklace with is sweet fiery orange color will make it happen for you.

Gift them

Since it is a time of giving, don’t wonder too much, what gift to give all the beautiful women in your life. Either go mystic with the gemstone necklaces or go home! Gemstone necklaces make the perfect gift because they are bold, sizable and most important exquisite to wear.

Looking forward to being a great hit this holiday, then don’t only wear these gemstone necklaces, gift them to your loved ones and at the end of it all, you will have really reminded your family why you are so special this holiday.

So, if you want to be a huge hit this holiday season, make sure give a gift that truly packs a punch.


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