Carnelian Gemstone Jewelry – A Beautiful Creation of Nature

Also known as Cornelian, the Carnelian gemstone was very sacred according to the ancient Egyptians and Tibetans. It is a stone with a rich history and was actually ranked among precious stones back then. The magic of carnelian gemstone jewelry lies in its beauty and this is why in the past it was regarded as precious and only the high society folks could afford it. The ancient rich individuals from high society were actually buried with their valuable Carnelian pieces of jewelry when they died. The gemstone hasn’t lost its beauty since then and it continues to look spectacular when worn as jewelry. There are a few aspects of this semi-precious gemstone that gives this jewelry a magical look.

The Fiery Carnelian Color

 Red to reddish orange with various shades in between is what primarily describes the color of the Carnelian gemstone. It makes lovely jewelry which glows enchantingly whenever exposed to light. Anyone who loves bright colored jewelry as an accessory will find thefiery colored pieces very attractive. A pair of carnelian gemstone earrings is simply enough to light up the whole outfit. Its fiery color is one of the main aspects of its beauty and it doesn’t matter how small the pieces are, they always manage to stand out the same way that even the smallest of fire flames will.

Carnelian Earrings

Carnelian Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone cutters have experimented with different shapes when cutting this stone for jewelry. But the most common shapes seen in most jewelry is smooth round or oval. There are square, emerald, marquise and other distinct shapes out there, but they aren’t very common. This is why you will always notice a beautiful Carnelian necklace comprising of carnelian beads that have different shapes. As much as the shapes are distinctive, they hardly determine the beauty of the stone. This carnelian gemstone necklace for example remains beautiful in its fiery color and the shape of the beads doesn’t in any way influence its sheer attractiveness.

Carnelian Necklaces

Carnelian Clarity

This semi-precious stone holds dull luster which makes it translucent. When it is still in its rough state, it usually has fractures and cracks on the outer surface.  After processing however, the stone gains this smooth finish that create this breathtakingly beautiful jewelry. This is why you will look at a carnelian bracelet and then look some more because the reddish color combined with the smooth round finish of the beads are striking and begging to be worn with that gorgeous outfit you have in mind.

Carnelian Bracelets

A Woman’s Jewelry

How can something as magical-looking as a carnelian jewelry piece not be used to enhance the beauty of a woman? Thanks to its own exclusivity and beauty, this stone is hardly paired with other kinds of jewelry. If you are wearing a carnelian anklet then carnelian it should be all the way to the earrings. The fiery color pattern of the pieces should remain uniform while your outfit and skin color are the only other things that should compliment it and not any other kind of jewelry. Like the goddess who doesn’t want to share glory, these jewelry pieces should be treated as such when worn.

Carnelian Anklets


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