Blog Writer: Nancy Moraa

Nancy Moraa, a writer from Nairobi Kenya,received her BA in Business Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. A good guitar player, lover of books and anything artistic or musical, she often draws inspiration for her writing from her interests. A devoted mother of two and wife, Nancy has perfected the art of work life balance. She looks forward to hearing from you as she shares her insights into creating the exquisitelyfashionable goddess from head to toe.

Which Style Defines You As A Woman?

Beautiful jewelry is powerful thanks to its effect on outfits as accessories. We all wear our gemstone jewelry differently. There are women who prefer, lots and lots of jewelry at one go while others will use their jewelry accessories sparingly. Others will be keen on outfits, skin color, hair color, eye color before deciding to […]

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Jewelry Style Tips That You Could Use Any day

Your jewelry collection is overflowing with beautiful gemstone jewelry pieces that you love. However, you aren’t really letting your jewelry transform you because you have no idea about where to start. Sometimes you really want to shop for the best jewelry but have no faith on the pieces you encounter and are not sure whether […]

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Tips For Making Fashion Decisions

Before you get dressed, you have to decide what you want the focus to be. In most cases when a simple or dull outfit is well accessorized with gemstone jewelry it can transform into something beautiful and special. This is why your choice of jewelry and clothing will always matter of course depending on what […]

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Need To Make Your Gemstone Sparkle?

Remember when you first got that Lapis Lazuli necklace? Remember how you looked at it and smiled because of its sheer beauty? Remember how it sparkled and you wanted to wear it for all eternity. However, a lot of time has passed and that moonstone bracelet or Garnet necklace has lost its shine. You have […]

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Gemstone Message Jewelry? What it Says About You

Every piece of jewelry that you choose to wear means something and it might reflect your style. However, some jewelry pieces will carry a stronger message and even tell something about your story. When choosing message jewelry, consider your intentions and where you want to wear it. Did you know that your jewelry speaks a […]

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What Influences Our Choice of Gemstone Jewelry

There is more to gemstone jewelry than just wearing it. Jewelry should represent your life, beliefs, special moments and any physical transformation or style that you want to express. There will be some days where you will feel jubilant and wear vibrant jewelry. And then there will be formal, somber, casual and party days which […]

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