Blog Writer: Nancy Moraa

Nancy Moraa, a writer from Nairobi Kenya,received her BA in Business Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. A good guitar player, lover of books and anything artistic or musical, she often draws inspiration for her writing from her interests. A devoted mother of two and wife, Nancy has perfected the art of work life balance. She looks forward to hearing from you as she shares her insights into creating the exquisitelyfashionable goddess from head to toe.

What Does Your Gemstone Necklace Say About You?

Gemstone jewelry allows you to have fun and experiment with various looks by changing your style to suit your mood or meet the ideal dress code for an occasion you are attending. Most outfits look better with a gemstone necklace addition.  Whether you love chockers, long ones or chest length, the type of gemstone you […]

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Styling Your Ears; A Few Dos and Don’ts

The days where a simple pair of studs, hoops or drops were all it took to complete styling your ears are long gone. Today, everyone is wearing tassels, mismatched earrings, one earring on one ear only and several pairs of handmade gemstone earrings.  The multiple-earring look is currently the rage with women wearing both big […]

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Elevating Your Gemstone Bracelet Fashion Game

In the past, as history has confirmed, people used bracelets as love tokens and talismans and hardly wore them for fashion. Back then it was alligator or snake skin and other animals’ skin bracelets that were trending, today that dash of gemstone beaded strip on your wrist is what will make that difference in your […]

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Gemstone Jewelry Etiquette

Centuries of wearing gemstone jewelry have led to many coming and going and in and out trends.  However, what hasn’t changed are the basic guidelines surrounding the wearing of gemstone jewelry.  The proper attire for every occasion and the right jewelry to accessorize with is and always has been a big deal. The objective of […]

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The Talk About Gemstone Bracelets

Back in ancient times, people used gemstone jewelry to add decoration to their style, to display their wealth and communicate meaningful symbols. Not much has changed today because some people select their jewelry because based on its beauty or desire to emulate a certain celebrity and boost their social status. People still wear jewelry as […]

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