Blog Writer: Nancy Moraa

Nancy Moraa, a writer from Nairobi Kenya,received her BA in Business Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. A good guitar player, lover of books and anything artistic or musical, she often draws inspiration for her writing from her interests. A devoted mother of two and wife, Nancy has perfected the art of work life balance. She looks forward to hearing from you as she shares her insights into creating the exquisitelyfashionable goddess from head to toe.

Beautiful Peridot Gemstone Jewelry That Suit On Any Occasion

The Peridot gemstone, recognized for its beautiful shimmering pale green color, is commonly known as the evening emerald and also widely known as Cleopatra’s gem of choice. It is often associated with self-expression and spirituality. The numerous ambiguities found within this gemstone is what inspired the word Peridot which in French is translated as  “unclear”. […]

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Look Younger And Beautiful With Gemstone Jewelry

While ageing gracefully sounds lovely, most of us especially women want to look younger than we are and will search for tips and tricks to accomplish that. Some will go through face lifts and other heavy procedures to maintain that youthful appearance. Others will decide to go the more natural way of eating an anti-ageing […]

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Lovely Gemstone Jewelry On Valentine’s Day

Gemstones are fascinating, their beauty, magical colors, myths and legends have made them honored and revered for centuries in many cultures around the world. They are still popular today because they continue to fascinate jewelry lovers and remain the symbol of beauty, love, health, well-being and special powers. Sought-After Gemstones As gifts, the Gemstones Jewelry […]

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Romantic Gemstone Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Gemstone Jewelry is one sure way of being romantic.  That fabulous piece of gemstone jewelry you personally hand-picked for your sweetheart should never just be handed over. Remember you went put your precious time and heart into finding the right gemstone jewelry for her so 0why not make it more exciting […]

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