Citrine Jewelry Will Add Sparkle into Your Special Day

The warm yellow shades of citrine will always warm your heart when you look at the gem. The vivid orange-yellow color is so intense in that beautiful breath-taking way that it’s hard to keep your eyes off it.  The brilliant energizing color of citrine has had many jewelry fans mesmerized and reaching out for that citrine necklace, pair of earrings or bracelet when shopping. Wearing this November birthstone is a great way of adding sparkle to into your special day. It could be your anniversary, birthday or any other special day; the simple act of wearing citrine Gemstone Jewelry is one way to project radiance while celebrating.

Queen Victoria and Citrine

The Queen back then could not resist the mystical magic of citrine. From the early days of her reign, she was known to love the gems found within her realm and she would own them. Her kingdom back then included India which was a treasure trove for beautiful gems which included Citrine. Thanks to its sunny exuberance, Citrine became Queen Victoria’s favorite. In 1852, the Queen and her favored consort, Prince Albert, built a castle in the Scottish Highlands. The queen then decreed that all the visitors visiting the castle wear the full highland plaid regaliaand the finishing touch of the attire which was….you guessed right, it was jewelry adorned with citrine.

To exert such immense effort to highlight citrine was a testament of her love for the gemstone.  This is why she chose Citrine to add sparkle into her special days which were many. Unlike the Queen, you don’t have to conquer territories to own the gemstone.  You can easily acquire and own Citrine Earrings to make every single day of your life special.

Citrine Earrings

Want Inner Peace?

Citrine’s intense orange-yellow shade usually holds great meaning in the Eastern cultures. The shade has for centuries been linked to spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. The Hindu and Buddhist monks wear robes of a similar color as part of their spiritual practice. So if you want to add sparkle to your days but at the same time pursue inner peace then wearing Citrine Necklace is a good starting point.

Citrine Necklace

Citrine is believed to be a symbol of hope, joy, great health, youthfulness and faithfulness. It is known to clear unwanted energy and give hope to the wearer especially if they are facing turbulent times in their life.  Further, it is reputed to enhance mental clarity, confidence and willpower.

Wearing Citrine

Citrine’s powerful radiance is ideal for dark-colored outfits.  However, you can still go all out and wear a bright-colored outfit with Citrine Bracelet. Not all of us love dark colored outfits and some bright colors actually go perfectly with that vivid orange-yellow of citrine.

Citrine Bracelet

Wearing citrine brings vibrancy to your overall look and it’s like wearing a spot of sun here and there. There is actually no better way than wearing citrine to add sparkle to your special day.

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