Coloring, Wearing & Pairing Gemstone Earrings

Gemstones have always been revered as the most attractive ornaments. From back in ancient civilizations to modern times, the stones have been used to show status and beauty. Most gemstone jewelry pieces can be defined as classic, warm, versatile and alluring.

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When it comes to gemstone earrings, handmade gemstone earrings rule since most modern women have them.  Today’s woman recognizes the uniqueness and beauty of handmade gemstone jewelry compared to the mass-produced factory-made ones.  All the same, when a woman is wearing gemstone earrings of any kind, they could be hoops, subtle studs or something a little more ornate, there is no mistake that the stone jewelry always adds shimmer and elegance to any style.  They are among the must-have accessories for the modern woman.

Colors To Wear With Gemstone earrings

Gemstone earrings add a touch of glamour to most outfits. In order to highlight the colors and sparkle of gemstone earrings, consider the colors you are wearing.  If the gemstone color is too bright, then it would be best to wear them with cool or less bright colors. In short, simply wear them with neutrals.

A classic black dress, a formal or casual outfit can all be taken to a new level with a lovely pair of lapis lazuli earrings.  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing outfits with jewel tones such as deep blues, fiery reds or purples or even if you are wearing outfits of pastels or other muted hues, you will always find gemstone earrings with a color that will be perfect for your outfit. Therefore all outfit colors are acceptable.

Where To Wear Your Gemstone Earrings

If you want to command attention or make a serious impression, then formal occasions would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Make sure you show off your favorite pair of gemstone earrings with the outfit that showcases the best of your features. The luster and beauty of gemstone jewelry will add that sense of luxury to your overall look especially if you are dressed up to the nines.

Something about the sparkle, warmth, and beauty of gemstone jewelry makes someone think of classical romance, gallantry, and many other beautiful things. To capture such feelings for anyone looking at you make sure you wear your garnet earrings or any other gemstone jewelry during special occasions.  It could be an anniversary dinner or a romantic date.

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Pairing Your Gemstone Earrings With Other Jewelry

Gemstone earrings aren’t difficult to pair with other jewelry. If you are wearing semiprecious gemstone earrings, you can always pair them with precious metals or gemstones like gold, rubies, dark onyxes and so on.

You could also decide to wear the full set of gemstone jewelry. If for example, you are wearing Carnelian earrings, you could decide to pair them up with a carnelian necklace and bracelet. There is really no complication when it comes to paring them up with other jewelry as long as you don’t overdo it and the effect becomes clashy and messy.  All you need to do is pick your favorite gemstone, pair it up and revel in the beauty and glamour.    Casual style outfits work best if you are going to do gemstone jewelry paring up. Think a friend’s home party, a girl’s night out or a parent’s meeting at school and so on.

Gemstone earrings will never cease to transform, mesmerize and give a woman that special look. All a woman needs to do is don them and step out in style.


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