The Connection Between Gemstone Earrings and Hair

Gemstone earrings are one of those accessories that will leave you wondering which pair to wear if you have a collection of them. They are small,  beautiful and  each one represents and possesses its   own special  quality. You will wear labradorite earrings today and see how beautiful you look, then look at your peridot earrings on your way out and wonder if you should have worn the latter with your current outfit instead.

Handmade Gemstone Necklaces

But women cannot always make their earrings choice based on their outfit or the mood they are feeling or what their heart is calling out for. Sometimes the choice of earrings  is determined by your hair. It could be that you selected those rainbow moonstone earrings because you thought they would look lovely with your neat bun-styled hair for example.

Talking of hair, the earrings could draw attention to the hair and the hair could do the same for your pair. When the right hair is worn with the right pair of gemstone earrings, there is usually no doubt that the earrings play the starring role and accentuate the face and hairstyle thereby achieving nothing short of that spectacular look.

Baring Earlobes and Necklines

There is nothing like short hair to fully bare your earlobes and neckline, allowing you to look very elegant. Women with short hair have more choices and more fun when it comes to earrings choice. The exposed earlobes can be admired and this is why a lady will look so lovely with a pair of carnelian earrings gracefully hanging next to the neck with no competition from a curtain of long hair.

Few limits With Short Hair

There is nothing that limits the short-haired woman when it comes to choosing the appropriate earrings. If they wake up feeling like wearing tassels and the next day hoops and the next studs and so on, they can do it and look lovely.  If the hair is extremely short, then all they have to do is pick gemstone earrings that will make the lack of long voluminous hair seem cool. The earring options for short hair are numerous.

Peeking Out Through Flowing Locks

Often times the long hair will cascade over the ears and hide the earrings. It is therefore up to the long-haired woman to get creative if they want to show off this exquisite piece of jewelry. Larger and longer earrings will do better with long hair because they get to peek through the cascading hair.  This option is for women who are adamant and always love wearing their hair flowing in that cascading fashion.

Carnelian Gemstone Earrings

Best Of Both Worlds                                            

However, for the women who want to keep their hair long and at the same time show off their adorned earlobes,  a middle ground can be achieved.  Simply take on the up-do style where the hair is pulled up or the neat tieback styles for the full show of your lovely pair of earrings.

Hair Color

Remember earrings  sit right against the hairline on  short hairstyles while long hairstyles act like a background. Paying attention to hair color the same way we do when considering shoes, handbags and clothing is therefore very important.

Blond hair goes perfectly with colorful gemstone earrings, brunettes can achieve stunning contrast with white and pastel-colored earrings and redheads would do great with earrings of cool shades like green, purple, blue and others. Dark haired women are the ones with more freedom because they can decide to wear orange tones, red, hot pink or simply decide to go white or pastel and still look stunning.

Therefore, the next time you are faced with indecisiveness about which earrings to choose, take some time to access the color and length of your hair. After that, you can then select a collection that will best complement it and every outfit in your wardrobe.

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