Crystal clear Quartz- Express Love and Affection

Love and affection have been expressed in many ways such as the spoken word, music, romantic gifts and many other obvious ways. But did you know that beauty can be used to express love and affection? What beauty are we talking about? There is beauty in many things and those with a constant and alert eye for beauty will recognize it.

Zero Color and Sheer Beauty

Gemstones are a form of beauty that is natural and unique. Most gemstones are colorful, but there is one that has no color which still manages to mesmerize with its sheer transparent beauty especially in the form of jewelry. It is none other than the crystal clear quartz gemstone which is perfect for expressing love and affection in a powerful but less ostentatious way. This is one gemstone that requires that special eye for beauty for one to truly recognize its value and symbolism.

With its rich in history and folklore along with reputation for amazing metaphysical properties, it is a perfect jewelry gift to a loved one. A few reasons why this stone jewelry can be used to express love and affection in a unique way are as follows:

The Mystical Clear Quartz

Known as the ultimate “anything-stone” the crystal clear quartz has this unique quality of radiating all color vibrations found within any spectrum of light.Some cultures also call it the “stone of the mind” because it helps in enhancing concentration and mental ability which makes it ideal for wearing during meditation. It has also been used to counter black magic and is given to loved ones to protect them from the evil eye or for enhancing diagnostic healing.

For The Unlucky In Love

For individuals who haven’t been lucky in love, wearing crystal clear quartz jewelry will help them find healing, boost their self-esteem and help them accept the fact of unrequited love. It is a perfect give to a friend or loved one who has recently gone through a failed relationship.  It is believed that it helps in soothing heartache and preventing someone from wallowing in self-pity during the aftermath of a broken relationship.

History and Folklore

Some cultures believe that crystal clear quartz is simply ice that has been permanently frozen after being exposed to freezing temperatures for a lengthy period.  According to Greek mythology, Hercules happened to dropthe ‘Crystal of Truth’ found in Mount Olympus and it shattered into pieces and is now found on earth. Because crystal clear quartz comes from this Crystal Of Truth, it is believed that any diviner wearing it during divination can never tell a lie.

Wearing Crystal Clear Quartz

You can wear crystal clear quartz jewelry as a necklace, clear quartz jewelry bracelet, a pair of earrings or an anklet and in the end not only look spectacular but attract love. With all that color reflecting on the jewelry from your outfit, you will look beautiful enough to attract the eye of someone looking for love and with great jewelry taste too! If you are already in a relationship, don’t be surprised when you find yourself feeling unexplained inspiration to express love and affection to your partner and all the loved ones around you.

Crystal Clear Quartz Bracelets

Just make sure you take stock of your wardrobe and make a few changes if you mustto ensure that you have the right outfit to wear with your crystal clear quartz anklet. As you experience the positive aspects of this gemstone jewelry when wearing it, make sure it positively enhances your attractive overall look as well.

Crystal Clear Quartz Anklets

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