Crystal Clear Quartz Jewelry- Why It Is a Great Fashion Accessory

Crystal Clear Quartz Jewelry, having dazzled many jewelry lovers, is included in the bestseller list in the semi-precious gemstone category. It was a popular stone used to make work tools in prehistoric Ireland and many other regions of the world. Crystal Clear Quartz Jewelry – Why It Is a Great Fashion Accessory. Its popularity stemmed from the fact that it is the hardest common mineral after the diamond.  Known as “grian cloch” by the Irish which means “stone of the sun”, this gemstone is considered the perfect jewel because of its six-sided prisms of pure light and energy.

Gemstone Jewelry

According to Australian Aboriginal mythology, the clear quartz crystal is the mystical substance known as “maban”. The ancient people believed that the clear quartz crystals were alive and would breathe once every hundred years; many cultures around the world actually think of them as incarnations of the divine. Clear quartz has been used in meditations, spiritual development, diagnostic healing, as religious objects and during funeral rites by Aztecs, Native American, Romans, African tribes and many other cultures around the world.  It is believed to promote strength and clarity to the intellect and aids in concentration and memory retention while filtering out distractions.


A great Fashion Accessory

Crystal Clear Quartz Necklace is a popular fashion accessory for anyone who wants a unique look. There are many reasons why it is a great fashion accessory and they are as follows:-

Crystal Clear Quartz Necklaces

  • It is Classy

Crystal clear quartz will never go out of style. If you have a collection of this gemstone jewelry, you will wear it for many years with different outfits and still manage to look fashionable regardless of any trends that might be in place at the time.


  • Fine With Any Color

You don’t have to worry about getting your color combination wrong with crystal clear quartz gemstone jewelry. You can wear Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings with an outfit of any color and the effect will always be spectacular. They are a great option on those days when you don’t know what color earrings or necklace to wear with that distinctive colored outfit. Throw in crystal clear quartz earrings or a bracelet and you will always complete your look.

Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings

  • Affordable

Crystal clear quartz is not limited to only the high end buyers. This means that you don’t have to look less fashionable because your budget is small. Anyone wanting to look on point fashion wise can get the whole collection set of crystal clear quartz jewelry. Crystal Clear Quartz Bracelet that looks beautiful definitely qualifies as a great fashion accessory.

Crystal Clear Quartz Bracelets

  • Lovely To Look At

The elegance and beauty of crystal clear quartz especially when seen in natural light surroundings, is breathtaking. Elegance and beauty are two major qualities of jewelry that makes a great fashion accessory; crystal clear quartz gemstone jewelry has both,so it automatically qualifies.

This gemstone jewelry is unique and having it in your jewelry collection is a wise choice. It is actually a sign of fashion maturity because only those who can see the beauty in a gemstone without color can be said to have truly matured in gemstone jewelry tastes.

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