How To Dress and Accessorize Like A Girly Girl

For a long time, you might have been dressing in a way that veers more to the man side than the woman side. In short, you have grown up a tomboy and dressed the part. But now that you have become more woman, curvy and feminine-looking, it has become difficult to cover all that beauty in layers of tomboy clothing and accessories if you actually bother with that. For that reason here are some tips to help you make that transition from the tomboy to the girly girl.

Start By Wearing Girly Colors

Wear clothing and accessories with lovely colors that denote sweetness such as pastels. You can also try bright colors such as hot pink, orange, yellow and many others if you are feeling adventurous. Make sure all your outfits are bright and fun. As you shop for clothing let your eyes wander to mint greens, baby blues, creams, light coral, light yellows, purples and so on.  You can also choose bright colored gemstone jewelry like a Lapis Lazuli Necklace and matching earrings.

Citrine Jewelry

Wear Dresses And Skirts

There is nothing that shouts “girly” like a dress or a skirt unless it is a man’s kilt. Dresses never fail to pull off the girlie look. Consider dresses with plain girly colors, floral patterns, stripes, polka dots or swirls. As for skirts, all lengths are possible except for the very short ones. Pair up your skirts with halter, spaghetti, tanks, peplum and empire tops. Don’t forget an accessory or two which could be a Garnet Necklace a lovely belt to give your waist more definition or a cute girly handbag.

Girlie Shoes On For Size

 As for girlie shoes, go for lovely flats, heels, flip-flops, and boots that look girly.  Like your choice of clothing, consider shoe colors that are bright and fun. Even when you absolutely must-have that pair of sneakers, make sure they are a bright color. If you are wearing sandals, add a colorful gemstone anklet and along with your nice pedicured nails, you will have reached the top tier of girlhood.

 Wear Some  Makeup

Note the words “some makeup” in this because wearing too much will definitely not work for you. A lip gloss or blush, some mascara, and a little foundation if you have acne will do. Make sure your nails are painted in pretty colors or patterns and keep your makeup simple and natural for that fresh girly look.

Review Your Jewelry

If you have been wearing man-looking metal necklaces, grills on your teeth, huge rings, and earrings that look anything but feminine, now is the time to review your jewelry collection.  You can consider replacing all that with beautiful gemstone jewelry. Add a citrine Necklace and matching earrings in place of the huge metal blings you have been spotting because it will do better for a floral dress.  You can also consider a Carnelian Gemstone Necklace to go with your fancy girly tops and a matching anklet for the days when you feel like showing off your own shaved, smooth and feminine looking legs.

There is a girl in every woman and it is always an injustice when you keep her hidden in there for too long. No matter how tomboy-loyal you are or how comfortable you are with your boy or man clothes, once in a while let the girl out. You never know, you might just fall in love with the look and it might become just what you need, your signature look.

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