Dressing and Gemstone Accessorizing Tips For When You Go To Meet His Parents

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You have probably had a series of firsts in your relationship from the first date, first kiss, first encounter and so on. With Valentine’s Day just recently past, you both probably took your relationship a step further. One of these steps could be meeting your partner’s parents. They will, of course, like you because you have made your significant other happy who just happens to be their child.

It is obvious that the first meeting of parents usually feels like an interrogation. We can’t help you with every aspect of this crucial meeting with parents but we can help you look great fashion-wise. With the right outfit and accessories, you can say a lot about yourself without saying much. Here are a few dressing up tips to help you out.

The Outfit

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The outfit has to make you appear modest. Don’t look like you tried too hard. Just dress decently and look for an outfit that is simple and brings out your best features in a modest way. Of course, your outfit has to be well fitting, comfortable and well-ironed.  Make sure you wear jewelry to compliment it but don’t go overboard with that.  A pair of Garnet Earrings, for example, might be all you need to complete your modest look.

The Makeup

Don’t go overboard with your makeup either because you don’t want to look like makeup is what you need to appear pretty. Go for natural colors when wearing makeup and don’t apply heavily. You might even decide to go visiting without makeup and only wear a pair of  Lapis Lazuli Earrings for example as the only color near your face area.

The Hair

You have to make an effort with your hair as much as you don’t want to look as if you are trying too hard. Don’t just throw it up into a messy bun or ponytail, but consider styling it without going overboard. Wash it on the day before you meet the parents to get rid of any grease, dandruff or odors that might be lingering. Remember you might give your mother-in-law a hug and great smelling hair free of dandruff and grease will be a plus for you. And if you have to hold your hair up, don’t forget your gemstone earrings or necklace.  A pair of Citrine Earrings could never go wrong with any hair updo.

The Gemstone  Jewelry

When considering jewelry, remember that too much jewelry will make you come off as high maintenance which can be worrying for the parents. Wear your gemstones elegantly.  A pair of Rose Quartz Earrings and a matching necklace are enough to make you look pretty without going overboard. Any other piercings that you have can do with very small studs that will make them less noticeable.

The Shoes

Again keep it simple when it comes to footwear even though shoes are a girl’s best friend. This is no time for four-inch blocks.  A basic black pump, ballet flat or preppy tennis shoes will do and you will not appear as if you tried too hard to impress.

Feel Confident

Make sure you are feeling confident and comfortable in whatever you are wearing. If you feel confident, it will show and even bring out the best in you. The conversation will flow easily and combined with the great dressing and accessorizing, you will no doubt win great points with the parents. Make sure that by the time you are leaving, they are nodding in approval to their son.

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