Ear Party With Mystic Gemstone Earrings

Some women are basically ninjas when it comes to accessorizing with gemstone jewelry. They are adept at layering gemstone necklaces, rocking ear parties and creating that special arm party of gemstone bracelets in an admirable effortlessness. Such women can wear something such as a simple pair of Rainbow Moonstone Earrings in style making you wonder how they do it.

On the other hand, other women are yet to earn that black belt in accessorizing especially when it comes to the most commonly worn accessory, the earrings. So how do you get earrings accessorizing right and create a memorable ear party?

Here are a few ways to get your ear party rocking.

Garnet Earring

  1. Assemble your ear party gear

The same way you look around for cool friends to invite to your party is the same way you will look for your favorite pairs of earrings to create your ear party. So look at your gemstone earrings collection and pick those Peridot Earrings, Lapis Lazuli studs and any other gemstone earrings that will best represent your style. Pick enough for the kind of arm party that you want. It could be a grouping of the same or different earrings on one or both ears. But it should be a grouping alright, for it to be called an ear party.

  1. Get the piercings done

You probably thinking and ear party is too rocker for you. Well, think again because it can get delicate and pretty. You can begin by featuring baby hoops, simple studs and your favorite pair of Amethyst Earrings for example. You will, however, need more than a single piercing to pull off the look. If you still have that one hole in each ear all along since you were 5 years old, those will not do for the look you desire.

If you don’t wish to pierce other holes in your ear, there is always the option of faking your piercings by wearing ear cuffs along with your pair of Multi-Agate Earrings for example.

But for the real effect, get fancy and pierce your ears one or more times so that you can add as many earrings as you can for a successful arm party.  Experiment with different earrings and have fun while pushing the boundaries. One thing will be clear to you, once you begin, you can’t stop. You will never again step out to the world with only a pair of earrings on two holes in each ear. This is because you fell victim to the lure of the ear party which is addictive.

  1. Make it memorable

Whether you are going to combine arty, geometrical shapes, tassels or strikingly sculptural-looking earrings with your gemstone earrings, make sure you follow the number one rule. Make it memorable. Pull off a look that indeed requires guts and that ability to shake off remarks from people telling you that you went too far. Choose a look that will never be ignored wherever you go but will be appreciated for its uniqueness. Let anyone who looks at it nod in approval.

A stack of earrings is no new thing. It has been there for quite a while and very popular both in and out of runways. Purpose to make your ear party stand out this holiday along with your gemstones earrings.



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