Embellish Your Ankle With Semi-precious Gemstone Anklets

As fashion evolves, the celebs and it-girls are becoming diverse in their choice of jewelry. They are cutting back on quantity and investing more in pieces that they can get a lot of mileage from and wear every single day. One such piece is the semi-precious gemstone anklet. You must be thinking, why the hell should I be embellishing my ankle while there are other parts of my body which I could dress up in jewelry. Well, the anklet is indeed a special piece of jewelry and accessory!

Anklets History

Anklets go as far back as the Bronze Age and were discovered along with many other bronze artifacts in many archeological sites. In the past, anklets were worn during different occasions. One interesting one is during the segregation of sexes whereby tiny bells were attached to anklets for the purpose of alerting men that women were in the area or are approaching. They played a role in Indian marriages and usually were used as a gift for newlyweds.

Anklets Today

Today the Indian culture still reveres anklets and most Indian women’s adornments are never complete without anklets. While women in the West and other parts of the world wear them as fashionable jewelry accessories, the women in India wear the anklets with great spiritual and social significance. In addition to the popularity of anklets as fashion, many women around the globe are also emulating the Indian anklet wearing practice.

Most of these emulating women across the world are wearing gemstone anklets to both formal and casual occasions. The beauty about anklets is that they can be successfully paired with cutoff shorts as well as a cocktail dress.

Sandals and sundresses can also be rocked with beautiful gemstone anklets during summer. It is now possible to shop anklets online and get one for wearing to cocktail parties, another for summer picnics along with your colorful outfits. There are some women who are bolder and actually go for the harem vibe with toe rings to accompany their anklets!

Outfit Considerations

In selecting the best outfit to pair with your citrine anklet for example, remember to wear something which allows your anklet to be visible and not cover or steal a lot of thunder from it.

Citrine Anklets

Consider shorts, a gauzy sundress or a mini skirt to show off your moonstone anklet, if that is what you are wearing. As you choose your fabrics, avoid loud patterns because they might silence your anklet.

Also, remember to trim your toe nails and put some lovely looking nail-polish or henna for the best effect. Keep your feet clean, moisturized and looking fresh because you are going to be showing off your anklet and therefore you have no choice but to maintain your feet, keeping them in viewing condition always.

Pairing Anklets With Other Jewelry

Your other jewelry should compliment your anklet. If you are wearing a single carnelian anklet, for example, this is not the time to stack your wrist or neck with layers of chunky bracelets or necklaces.  If you have that carnelian anklet, a carnelian bracelet and necklace will do perfectly.

Carnelian Anklets

Embellish Your Ankle!

It is obvious that ankle bracelets add that special touch of sensuality and femininity to most outfits.  A crystal clear quartz anklet, for example, will go with every outfit style imaginable. Therefore ditch that choker and start thinking of all the gemstone options that you have when it comes to embellishing your ankle with beautiful anklets for every occasion.

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