Find your ‘Beautiful’ by Accessorizing Right

From back in the day when wearing mix and match was the in-thing, accessorizing has no doubt come a long way. Majority of today’s fashion lovers are going for rich and warm-toned jewelry such as the Rose Quartz Necklace, paired with great outfits for stunning looks.  If you are going gemstone, choose jewelry that will make it easy to pair up with contrasting pieces. Such jewelry makes perfect mixing a piece of cake. When you get accessorizing right, then it can be said that you have found your beautiful.

Gemstone Jewelry

But how do you find you beautiful? It is easy with the following ideas.

  1. Avoid being too matchy-matchy

You don’t have to match your handbag color and your necklace color because those days are gone. You can wear your statement Amethyst Necklace, a statement back or shoes but they don’t have to be the same color. They can be contrasting colors or be complimenting textures or patterns. These will glam up your look in that creative and not-so-obvious way.

  1. At least one statement piece will do.

The only way to perk up an outfit is adding a statement piece. Great accessorizing turns your outfit from simply “good” to absolute “knockout.”  All that color can be complimented and toned down with a Crystal Clear Quartz Necklace. Or that all-black outfit can be a little interesting when paired with a Moonstone Necklace.  Having one statement piece of jewelry will make dressing up a little easier. You don’t have to stress yourself over what matches or what works because all you need is a single statement piece to complete your look.

  1. A longer gemstone necklace quells the doubts

Gemstone necklaces have always been impressionable because they are known to boost your look up a notch. Your necklace should be working for you when you decide to wear it and when it is longer, even better. When that long strand of beads hits just below your bust, you give off this not only cool look but it also gives the impression a taller and leaner you especially if that is what you intend to project.

  1. No naked wrists

If you are a true fashionista, then naked wrists should be out of the question. You can use a single statement bracelet or a set of lovely looking multiple bracelets.  You can also decide to wear a couple of those colorful gemstone bracelets you have. Whatever you do, don’t walk looking all glamorous with naked wrists because it is in bad fashion taste.

Where are you going?

At the end of it all, where you go will always determine what you wear. Are you attending many business meetings today? Or are you having formal luncheons and corporate dinners in the evening? You could be going out on a date or going to meet your in-laws for the first time. Get your accessorizing right. Look for a statement piece or wear several pieces that complement each other to achieve that desired effect. A labradorite necklace, for example, would serve you well when it comes to accessorizing a certain outfit, but it might be all wrong when it comes another considering the factors above.

Still, it is up to you to find your beautiful by getting your outfit and accessories right. A true fashion goddess is the one that has finally found their beautiful and kept it.

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