Five Fashion Cliché Mistakes to Avoid on Casual Days Out

As you dress when going out, it could be a date, a day out with friends or casual workdays don’t be the fashion cliché. Whatever you decide to wear and accessorize, you don’t have to be this huge fashion plate. It’s actually more about steering clear of the simple “do nots” and embracing the list of “thou shalts.” Some fashion clichés that many women commit can be avoided altogether. This will help a woman to make the best impression always when they are going out.

Gemstone Jewelry

Some of those mistakes are as follows:-

  1. Overdressing

When going out for casual affairs, adhere to the light and casual rule and you will be safe. You might need a pair of carnelian earrings to accessorize a lovely summer dress and a cute handbag. This is not the time to dress formal and sharp in a dark trouser or skirt suit and power shoes. If it is a casual event, then there is nothing that will require the level of formality like the one projected by a sharp look.

  1. Underdressing.

Any casual event that you go to requires you to take your time and choose your outfit. There are various things that can lead to under dressing and one of them is simply taking the first outfit that you get and wearing it without any further thought. Another thing that could lead to under dressing is having no clue on what under dressing is and choosing the very garments that define under dressing. In order to avoid under dressing, simply follow the not overly formal or overly casual look. With that, you will be on the safe side. If it is a date, for example, you can dress to impress without looking like you are trying too hard to. Keep your jewelry to a minimum. You can for example spot a single pair of Rainbow Moonstone earrings as the only jewelry along with a gorgeous outfit that is just right for the occasion.

Fad Fanatic 

As you grow as a woman and your fashion tastes become more mature, it is only appropriate that you also grow out of following fads. If a casual event matters to you, then that is not a time to try out the new fashion trends. To be on the safe side stick to classics and wardrobe staples that will look great even over 5 years from now. Something like a pair of Peridot Earrings should last a long time and never fall out of style when worn with a good pair of classic jeans and a beautiful blouse for a good casual day out.

 Being Ungroomed.

Guys can get away with being ungroomed, heck, even Prince Harry showed up at his wedding with an unshaved beard so it’s practically “okay” for a guy because he not only got away with it but it became a style. However, for a woman, there is no way you are ever going to get away with not being groomed or not wearing a single jewelry. It is never a terrible idea to shave your legs, beard(for those who have it) and have your hair trimmed or styled. You don’t have to wear fancy and expensive jewelry, it could be as simple as a pair of labradorite earrings and you still look smashing. Personal hygiene is as much a part of looking great as wardrobe and accessories are.

Never commit the above fashion cliche mistakes ever and you will always successfully rock your casual look.

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