Flaunt Your Fashion with gemstone earrings

One look in the mirror and you will see features that you have that always make you smile in appreciation. You could be having those amazing eyes that light up when you smile. Lovely Michelle Obama arms, forever shapely legs, and a wardrobe that highlights these features. One thing could be missing though. The right jewelry accessories could be lacking and you don’t know where to begin. It could also be that you might not have noticed that you need beauty in the form of beautiful gemstone jewelry hanging around your neck, earlobes or around your wrists and ankles.

Citrine Necklace

If you don’t want an intense use of gemstone jewelry then you could begin with earrings for starters. That is before you become bolder and try an armful of bracelets or a  very bold colored gemstone necklace.

Begin with the face area; this is where people first look at when they meet you. Look at the features that stand out and help them enhance your look. Gemstone earrings might be small but when well used they can help in flaunting your great fashionable tastes.

You can do that in the following manner.

  1. Accentuate your face with earrings

You might have a lovely face complete with striking features which require a touch of beautiful citrine earrings for example to make a better impression. You can’t have lovely facial features and not make them stand out. It is why we call it accessorizing because it also makes our natural features look even more lovely. It is great to instantly transform your natural look into a more natural and sophisticated one.

  1. Glorify your femininity

Do you love the fact that you are a woman? Then you need to give your fashion look a starring role. As you apply that flirty lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation, you will look odd if you didn’t don a pair of lovely Rose Quartz Earrings for example. The dangling awesomeness of those gemstone earrings you will be spotting is enough to keep you in fine fashion form. You score in femininity will no doubt rank on the higher side.

  1. Celebrate your earlobes

Yes, there is a good reason to celebrate your lobes because without them you cannot pull your hair away from the face, turn your face on the side to expose them when taking a selfie or having your photo taken. That is all in an effort to show off your beautiful earrings. Without your earlobes, there will be no earrings to show off and even when you put them on the top area of your ears, there will still be that unasked question of why the lobe areas are empty.

  1. Embrace who you are

You are a fashion goddess and showing off your good taste for others to emulate is expected of you. Pay attention to the details always. Pick your earrings with a lot of care because you want them to compliment your outfit at the end of the day. If Lapis Lazuli earrings are what you want to wear today then pick an outfit that will truly flaunt your fashion tastes.

Always play it up with a lovely pair of gemstone earrings. They could be Garnet Earrings or some other choice of gemstones, but just remember to embrace who you are and that should reflect in your choice of fashion and accessorizing pieces.


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