Gemstone Bracelet Wearing Options That You Should Consider

The bracelets are a major adornment for the arm. They can draw interest the same way that an expensive watch would. The bracelet material you choose plays an important role and will determine if you will look elegant and modern. Gemstone bracelets are usually the best because most of them are unique and you will find diverse colors to choose the one that best represents your tastes.  How you choose to wear your moonstone and citrine bracelets for example will also determine how you look.

Citrine Bracelets

Left Arm or Right Arm

Should I wear my Lapis Lazuli bracelet on my left or on my right arm? This is one of those common questions in jewelry forums where women want to know if they are wearing their bracelets properly. You can wear it on either hand depending on how comfortable you feel. Some may wear it on the right arm because they happen to have a tattoo on the left one. Others may wear it on the left arm because they use their right arm a lot and might think a bracelet is distracting. Others still will wear bracelets on both arms because they feel it will best represent the look they want to pull off.

Stack or Single

Stacking your bracelets is another fun way of wearing your bracelets. When you intermingle the gemstones and other materials, the result could either be that rock-and-roll kind of glam or the sweet and bohemian one. However, this doesn’t mean digging out every bracelet in your jewelry box and putting it on your wrists.  This is more about the kind of pieces you choose in to stay on the good side of stylish.

Garnet Bracelets

If you aren’t sure about stacking your bracelets, just stick to a single lovely piece such as a garnet bracelet for example which is enough to give you that gorgeous look that you seek.

Start Simple

If you are just wading into the bracelet wearing waters, it is advisable that you start with around 2-4 pieces that share that single unifying trait. They could all be gemstone bracelets, have the same color or different shades of it.   It would be better if you experiment with a single wrist before you are comfortable enough to wear them on both wrists. If you think more is too much then go for a single amethyst bracelet or any other appealing one for you because the effect can still be stunning when combined with the right outfit and other accessories.

When Enough Is Enough

There are times when enough is enough, but sadly not many know when to stop after the bracelet bug bites them. If you are walking around and sounding like a set of wind chimes or a bag of marbles that jiggle and are juggling, then it is enough.

Again if you have both arms full of bracelets and still heavy with layers of necklaces and pairs of earrings on both ears, then it is definitely enough because you are definitely a walking jewelry shop.

Before you decide on your gemstone bracelets, think about where you will be going and what you will be doing. An armload of glam will be welcome in most places but not in all of them. Still, don’t feel inhibited when it comes to  giving your old gemstone bracelet pieces a new life by mixing and matching them and wearing them in whatever way that you think will make you gorgeous.

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