Gemstone  Earring Types That Every Woman Should Own 

Have you had the same collection of earrings for years and are now looking for fresh inspiration as you are carrying out the jewelry collection overhaul? Well, you are in luck because the options are endless. There are bolder colors, milder tones and you have the choice to experiment with earring looks that you have never tried before. As you are on this journey of acquiring great pairs of earrings, outlined below are several earring ideas that you and every woman should consider in order to create a fun, fresh and practical ensemble.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

  1. Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone earrings are your best bet and when you go out there in the market and find Lapis lazuli earrings, for example, look at them as earrings with a potential to give you that transformation that you seek. Every woman should have several pairs of gemstone earrings because they work on every outfit. You can wear gemstone earrings with casual attire like jeans and sweatshirts and elegant attire like one of those posh-looking evening gowns.

If you are anticipating a difficult day ahead, you can start it on a better note by simply putting on a pair of garnet earrings or any other gemstone earrings of your choice and then stand before a mirror. You will definitely experience a significant mood lift when you see how lovely you look. Whatever style of earrings you choose, ensure that they are gemstone earrings because that is the first step to getting your earrings right.

  1. Stud Earrings

These are the best work and workout earrings because they are not only lovely on the wearer, but they are also practical because they will never get in the way of things. They will not distract or pose some sort of hazard when you are working or exercising. Consider owning several pairs of colorful gemstone studs because they will go with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. While you are at stud earrings, choose a color that will make those studs stand out, they could be a pair of garnet earrings on each ear if you have double -piercing or any other colorful gemstone that you would love.

  1. Trendy And Fun Earrings

They could be gemstone earrings with a trending design. Trends are of course set by celebrities and if they are cool, most of us will follow them. Aside from trends though, there is that fun aspect of earrings. Such earrings are just fun to wear because most of them have whimsical designs featuring unusual colors, patterns, shapes and unique materials that will draw interest in anyone looking at you.

  1. Mood-boosters and Pick-me uppers

These are the kind of earrings that make a fashion splash when you wear them. The choices of this kind of earrings are endless. As usual with the gemstones, you will have endless choices they could be dangling Rose quartz earrings or citrine earrings with additional colors of gemstone beads. These are earrings that you wear and feel an instant mood-boost. They are also the earrings you look at in your jewelry box and feel that they are “asking” you to wear them. If you have such earrings, just check out your photos, you are probably taking most of your photos when wearing them!

Earrings are great accessories and if your collection of earrings falls under the categories above, then you are definitely getting them right. If not, feel free to look for inspiration from the above ideas because there is always room for improvement.

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