Why Gemstone Earrings Are Selfie Lovers’ Favorites

In an age where social media is life and taking selfies is the order of the day, the rules are totally different compared to back then in the 80s. In the past, people really dressed up for a photo shoot. Costume jewelry was used in excess, make-up was applied generously and bouffant hair ruled. Today, we see distressed denim, little or no make-up, unexaggerated and relaxed hairdos and a single statement jewelry.

Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings

Often times selfies involve taking pictures of the face and featuring everything from the hair down to the nose ring or lovely pair of earrings. Earrings are one of the most important assets when it comes to selfies because they make up the face. The styles have become brighter, flashier and more colorful. There is no doubt then why gemstone earrings are so popular for selfies. All you need to do is go to Instagram and check out the selfie images of jewelry lovers to see what I mean.

Why are gemstone earrings a favorite for selfie lovers? Outlined below are reasons why.

  1. It’s Not Like Dying Your Hair

You can take multiple selfies with several pairs of gemstone earrings. All you need to do is to for example wear Citrine Earrings for one photo and wear Rose Quartz Earrings for another. It is definitely not so permanent like dying your hair because earrings are easy to adopt. They are a lot of fun and bring about that sought-after transformative effect in a selfie image. The effect is instant and can be changed every time you change your type of earrings.

  1. They Look Great On Camera

Wearing a colorful pair of gemstone earrings and with modern mobile phones offering great picture quality than ever, the result is always spectacular and share-worthy on social media. Not a single day goes by without the selfie lover clicking pictures of themselves spotting statement gemstone earrings.

  1. Gemstone Earrings Are The New Makeup

Today, it’s more fashionable to wear beautiful colored earrings than wearing heavy makeup. Since Meghan Markle showed up at her own wedding without makeup. Many royal wannabes and tasteful fashionistas alike are taking selfies without makeup and instead showing off their beautiful jewelry. It seems to be the trend. You will see most of those selfies featuring Lapis Lazuli earrings or any other colorful gemstone earrings out there and hardly see heavy makeup.

  1. A Sign Of Great Sophistication

Since social media is all about showing how sophisticated one is. Fine taste in jewelry is also a form of sophistication worth showing off in the form of great-looking bejeweled selfies. Showing off your new pair of Garnet Earrings, for example, could definitely earn you points if you are trying to impress your online followers. If they love gemstone jewelry, then they will recognize the garnet pair as the statement pair that they are.

Next time you are taking that selfie, look for gemstone earrings with a color that will accentuate your best features. They could make your eyes sparkle, or complement your skin or hair. Just make sure they compliment something and give you the wow look in the selfie image.


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