Gemstone Jewelry Is the best Way to Express Your Sentiments for Your Mom

You should make your mom feel special every day, but during Mother’s day go that extra mile to make her feel even more special with Gemstone Jewelry. Your mother is definitely the person who loves you the most in the whole world.  She took on this job of being your mother as a full time one and accorded it all the dedication she could master to ensure that you grew up strong and beautiful or handsome. Gemstone Jewelry Is the best Way to Express Sentiments for Your Mom

Gemstone Jewelry

Always Caring

She never stops caring even after you are all grown up and have moved out and she will always wonder if you are okay and happy.  Usually she is the one who has seen you at your most vulnerable and the best person for a cuddle, a good chat, a good cry or simply a good dose of honesty on why your current job sucks or why your latest date is or isn’t worthy of you.

The History of Mother’s Day

 Mother’s day 2017 comes on the 14th of May and it is another great opportunity to yet again remind your mother just how much she means to you. The origin of this day dates back to the ancient Greek and Romans era. However, the roots of the day can also be traced back in the UK where the Mothering Sunday was celebrated before the festival began gaining popularity in the US.

The early Christians celebrated it on the fourth Sunday of Lent in honor of the Virgin Mary who was the mother of Jesus Christ.  The Greeks dedicated this day to maternal goddesses and used it to specifically honor Rhea, who was Cronus’ wife and the mother of many gods of the Greek mythology.  The Ancient Romans, on the other hand, dedicated the day to Cybele, the mother goddess.  Today people take Mother’s Day as the special day to pay tribute to their mothers and thank them for all their unconditional love and support.

The Tradition of Gifting 

Gifting is one way to express your sentiments for your mom; as much as mother knows, it’s the thought that counts and that she would accept anything you give her.  She truly deserves a gift that will bring a great smile to her face and make her feel special.  Most people will give flowers, cards and other predictable gifts on this day. You can in contrast give a gift that is memorable and shows how highly you regard your mother.  Genuine Gemstone Necklace is that special gift will make her glow.

Gemstone Necklace

Beautiful gemstone jewelry is one way to show your mother just how much she is valued. Many jewelry stores have classic Mother’s Day gemstone jewelry on display to help you choose the right piece or pieces for her.

Make sure the jewelry you choose will make her look even more beautiful than she is. Look at factors like, does the green jewelry set off her eyes or compliment her wardrobe, or does the garnet, amethyst, moonstone or Citrine Gemstone Jewelry hold a special meaning for her.  Put a lot of thought into choosing the right piece based on your personal knowledge of what your mother loves.  In the end, you will express your love in the best way that you know with your gemstone jewelry gift.

Citrine Jewelry

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