Gemstone Jewelry Etiquette

Centuries of wearing gemstone jewelry have led to many coming and going and in and out trends.  However, what hasn’t changed are the basic guidelines surrounding the wearing of gemstone jewelry.  The proper attire for every occasion and the right jewelry to accessorize with is and always has been a big deal. The objective of accessorizing with gemstone jewelry is to get attention and you can achieve it if you have taken your time and done your homework.

Less Is More, Isn’t Always Correct

There are situations where the “less is more” will work and is actually appropriate. However, there are other instances where the situation calls for sparkle and shine to take center stage. In such situations, it is important to go all out and put on a great show which will let the world know that wherever you go, it is hats off to you for your great fashion sense.

No woman should ever step outside their door without wearing just any old jewelry. There are actually four kinds of gemstone jewelry that you can wear depending on the occasion or situation and they are as follows:-

  1. Everyday Jewelry

Yes, this is jewelry that you wear when you are around the house or running errands or when you are just at home with family.  It could be a simple green peridot bracelet to show your love for your green lifestyle.  That wedding band for all you married folks out there, your gemstone beaded wrist watch or that pair of earrings that everyone knows you by.  Whatever your everyday jewelry is, just make sure it makes you look feminine and lovely.

Peridot Bracelets

  1. Office Jewelry

You can still show your uniqueness and personality with special gemstone jewelry combined with your office attire.   Unless your office is not conservative and anything goes, stick to jewelry pieces that are not distracting or noisy. You can wear dangle amethyst earrings along with a faceted labradorite bracelet for example. Don’t wear anything that would rub the higher-ups, your colleagues, and the clients the wrong way.

Citrine Bracelet

If you are going to stack your bracelets make sure they don’t clang against your desk when you are typing your computer keyboard because you might be annoying the co-workers around you. In case you aren’t sure if your jewelry is too much, just wear one or two distinct pieces. It could be an amethyst bracelet and or a stack of agate bracelets multi-color types combined with a lovely gemstone statement necklace. The office is definitely not the place to wear your skulls and cross bone bracelet; you can always wear it after work.

  1. Formal Event Jewelry

A formal event is the best time to show just how elegant you are.  This is the time to take out all your fine gemstone jewelry and choose pieces that will give you that elegant killer look. Gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls and other precious gemstones can do, but so can many semi-precious gemstones like citrine, amethyst, carnelian, garnet, etc., if you can’t afford the precious ones. The secret here is selecting one statement piece and then downplaying the rest of your jewelry.

  1. Party Jewelry

This is where all inhibitions are thrown to the wind, but that doesn’t mean that tacky goes too. You can do blinding bling along with your stacks of gemstone bracelets, the statement necklace, and earrings. If you want to overdo it, go ahead but make sure you look stunning in your excesses and are comfortable enough to party till you drop.

A little knowledge of gemstone jewelry etiquette can go a long way to making you stand out. Fashion Goddesses, get it right because they understand it.  So, make sure that you follow the above tips!

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