Gemstone Jewelry Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Do In 2019


It’s a new year and if you were used to breaking many fashion rules last year, then let this year of 2019 be different. Let everybody recognize you for the true fashion goddess that you are. There are a few things you can do to begin your journey. Let’s begin with the mistakes you should avoid which are as follows.-

  1. Never take off your jewelry.

You come home tired and sleepy and head straight to the bedroom and slip under the covers and in a few minutes you are snoring away. One thing you haven’t done yet is removing your jewelry. Your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are still on. Worse, you wake up and head straight into the shower with your jewelry and then get shampoo and conditioner on your jewelry.

The effects of hard water and soap scum then become evident when your sparkly Amethyst Necklace starts losing its luster and eventually looks like the cheapest jewelry out there when you continue the habit. This is a New Year, purpose to always remove your jewelry and store it safely as soon as you get home no matter how tired you are from that party or work. This way you will protect your jewelry from damage from sweat and any waterworks in the shower.

  1. Wearing your gemstone the wrong way

A very important part of being a true fashion goddess is wearing your gemstone jewelry the right way. It is using gemstone jewelry to brighten your outfits and get your mood and drawing interest wherever you go. It is natural to love sparkly pieces of jewelry because they bring out the best in us.

However, when you wear a Moonstone Necklace for example with the wrong outfit you completely ruin your look. Let your outfits and gemstone jewelry pieces blend together perfectly this year. Look for colors that flatter your natural features and outfit designs that flatter your figure. Then go ahead and wear your gemstone statement pieces without going overboard, let your overall look be balanced. Just get it right this year.

  1. Wearing Jewelry that doesn’t match the occasion

When you plan for what to wear for an occasion, begin planning even before you open your closet. As you plan for that event on your calendar, start looking at ideas of what you will wear and the accessories that you will use. You could, for example, decide that a Labradorite Necklace will do for that nighttime gala event while the Quartz Necklace would be ideal for that office meeting on Monday morning.

  1. Being ignorant about gemstone Jewelry

In this fashion age that has highly evolved, you can’t afford to know about the various kinds of gemstone jewelry out there. Read blogs like this one and explore the countless possibilities of accessorizing with gemstone jewelry. Look at the gemstone earrings, necklaces, bracelets and if you have never worn a gemstone anklet before, this year is the best time to try it out.

If you have been doing any of the above mistakes for years, let this year be different. Allow yourself to look absolutely gorgeous by adhering to the good fashion rules and inventing your own along the way.


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