Gemstone Message Jewelry? What it Says About You

Every piece of jewelry that you choose to wear means something and it might reflect your style. However, some jewelry pieces will carry a stronger message and even tell something about your story. When choosing message jewelry, consider your intentions and where you want to wear it. Did you know that your jewelry speaks a lot about your style, your relationship status and even your mood and outlook on life?

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Questions To Ask Yourself

Ask yourself who you want to see your jewelry and what exactly do you want your message to be. Do you want a constant reminder of something important that happened in your life or do you simply want exhibit a motivational symbol?

Another question to ask yourself is whether you want to display your message to the world and anyone who can see it or do you want the message to be subtle but clear. You could also have a message that is only for a special group of people who will immediately recognize it when they see you wearing the jewelry. It could be a labradorite necklace, for example, which you all bought and wore as a sign of friendship or kinship.

Types Of Message Jewelry

There are various types of message jewelry to consider if you want to wear your jewelry with style and with a message.

  1. Consider Affirmation Jewelry

This is the kind of jewelry with single motivational words such as “love”, “believe”, “friendship”, “live”, “trust” and so on. The purpose of such a piece of jewelry is to deliver and affirm the message engraved on it. It could be a multi-agate necklace with a small part  (could be a pendant) made of a different material engraved with a message of choice. Affirmation jewelry doesn’t have to consist simply of motivational words, but you could decide to go for the badass look and decide to have a message that says, “beware” or something equally thought-provoking simply based on your look.

  1. Birthstone Jewelry

This is the kind of jewelry that falls under the subtle message category. It doesn’t really tell a story but it definitely says something about the wearer.  For example, if you were born in June, a moonstone necklace would be appropriate because the moonstone is the birthstone for that month. If you are a mother, you could get a necklace with gemstone beads with birthstones of each of your children.

  1. Jewelry With Cultural Or Religious Significance

Just as with birthstones and affirmation jewelry, religious or cultural jewelry will convey a message about you. There are many examples such as a traditional Hawaiian necklace, a Celtic knot pendant, a star of David hanging on a quartz necklace, or an amethyst necklace with a cross making it a rosary. From the kind of religious or cultural jewelry you are wearing, one can identify what culture or religion you belong to.

Every piece of jewelry you wear says something.  The question is what do you want it to say about youself?  That one word that most women would love it to say is, “sophistication”.


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