How Popular Are Anklets?

When the unforgettable impetuous ‘90s were popular for giving rise to spanking new crazy cultures, trends and movements, the anklet was a common fashion accessory then and to date. Currently, anklets are shaping one of the main accessory trends spotted in most fashion circles. However, they are more than just fashionable fads and have more meaning to the wearers.

Citrine Anklets

Jewelry stores now stock anklets created from different materials but Gemstones Anklets remain special. There are various cultures, eras, and occasions that anklets have ruled supreme.

Some of them are as follows:-

  1. The Runway Shows Love Them

Runway shows have featured a series of great anklet designs and a couple of ideas on how to style them perfectly. Famous designers like Marc Jacobs have showcased two-layered anklets and many others have featured them in their shows. We see them paired with classic black pumps, pencil trousers, shorts, minis and even with bikinis for that all natural casual look at the beach.

  1. History is Rich With Anklets

The 20th century has seen the common use of anklets in the western culture but in other cultures such as the Eastern culture, anklets date back to the archaic times. During an excavation of Sumerian tombs, anklets of both metals and gemstones were found in the remains. Sumerians are known as the “cradle of civilization” that lived in the southernmost region of Mesopotamia over 4500 years ago.

Ancient female Egyptians also wore ankles as a sign of their fortune and social status. Most of the women of higher social status wore golden or silver anklets that were decorated with gemstones on their ankles. This stated they were women of royalty or those whose husbands were wealthy.  The slaves and commoners, on the other hand, wore leather, metallic or shell anklets which in most cases served as talismans or amulets.

In Ancient India the anklets were more common than in any other region. They were worn to showcase one’s marital status, as ornaments and important part of Indian bridal ensembles and were also popular with Indian dancers. Ancient Arabs also favored anklets and so did the Arabian belly dancers.

  1. Celebrities Favor Them

We have all seen those red carpet photos during major award shows. The likes of Jennifer Lopez. Ashley Olsen, Pop diva RiRi and many others have been spotted wearing anklets. Some of the celebrities spotted wearing them are great fashion icons who have held such status for years.

Boho Chics Love Them

Anklets are best synced up with bohemian-style outfits. Any woman who has at least one free-spirited ensemble in her wardrobe can rock an Amethyst Anklet for example and look spectacular. Boho chics love them because they are a great form of expression since they make the wearer stand out.

Whether you are wearing a Garnet Anklet, a Peridot Anklet or any other gemstone anklet, make sure you do it justice and rock it with the best outfit. It is also mandatory that you have perfectly groomed feet, minus any calluses complete with the perfect pedicure which would be better if it was a vibrant shade. By the look of things, gemstone anklets and other anklets, in general, continue to rule supreme in the fashion world.


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