Jewelry Rules That Are So Yester-Century!

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry has for a long time been the salt and pepper of outfits. They can ruin outfits or make a tremendous difference. How you choose and wear your jewelry items should be determined by more than just the rules of jewelry.  You have probably heard of those rules of jewelry such as mixing metals is wrong, don’t mix fashion and jewelry, don’t wear competing pieces, mix and match them and so on.

However, if you can bring life to your outfit and enhance your best features, do so with your bold, striking and attention-grabbing gemstone jewelry even if it means breaking the jewelry rules.

Some jewelry rules that you should break to look awesome are as follow:

  1. You Can Only Wear Statement Jewelry With Formal Attire

This is a rule that you should go ahead and break this year. You can absolutely wear your statement necklace with your casual outfit.  It could be a T-shirt or sweater.  Don’t miss out on wearing that lovely necklace for long periods of time just because you don’t have any formal occasions on your calendar. Go ahead and break this rule; don your favorite piece with your jeans and a T-shirt.

  1. You Have To Wear Matching Earrings And Necklace

Matchy is so yester-century! You don’t have to do it even if you own a whole matching gemstone set. Wear a Lapis Lazuli Necklace for example and instead of matching earrings, find a pair of earrings that will coordinate with the necklace but are not the same color.

Lapis Lazuli Necklaces

  1. You Are Too Young For Gemstones

This is the most absurd rule ever!  Gemstones can be worn by any woman of any age who wants to look gorgeous. It is like saying you are too young to dress up. Fashion isn’t limited to only people of a certain age.  Therefore if you feel that a Garnet Necklace will give you the look you desire, take it and wear it and let the world witness what true gorgeousness is like.

  1. Never Mix Fashion And Fine Jewelry

They weren’t probably thinking clearly when they came up with this rule. Fashion and fine jewelry are like Ying and Yang. They complement one another and fashion jewelry has never looked better. Ditch this rule and pair up your favorite pieces to stand out.

If It Makes You Happy Wear It

This is one rule that you should follow. Only you truly understand your taste and whatever it is that you are trying to express. If the Citrine Necklace is all you wish to wear for example and when combined with a certain outfit they make you happy, go ahead and wear them. Disregard any rules that might surround the look. When you stand before the mirror and love what you see, go ahead and step out proudly.

Gemstone jewelry is often designed so you can have fun with it and make all seemingly “wrong statements” if you have to. When you get creative, they can work wonders to a simple look and help draw attention to areas of yourself that you would love to emphasize.


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