Jewelry Style Tips That You Could Use Any day

Your jewelry collection is overflowing with beautiful gemstone jewelry pieces that you love. However, you aren’t really letting your jewelry transform you because you have no idea about where to start. Sometimes you really want to shop for the best jewelry but have no faith on the pieces you encounter and are not sure whether they will work for you. Does this situation describe you?  If it does don’t worry because that situation describes most women.

Gemstone Jewelry

For that reason, there are various jewelry style and fashion ideas and tricks to help you get the best of your jewelry and boost your sense of style, personality, and wardrobe.

  1. Create Layers With Your Jewelry

The fun begins here, where you let contrasting lengths, shapes, colors, and textures of your gemstone jewelry create lovely-looking layers.  When layering necklaces, consider different lengths in order to allow the eye to be drawn up your face. The various colors, shapes, and textures will usually work perfectly. As for the bracelets, you can create an arm full of various colorful pieces that will flash and just look beautiful when you move around and bathe them in the light. Earrings, on the other hand, can be mixed, matched and worn several in number to create very interesting combinations. This will, of course, depend on how many ear piercings you got.

All you need to do to create layers for your jewelry is simply gathering a collection of necklaces, bracelets, and pendants of various lengths, textures, and designs then trying them on various combinations in order to observe what works beautifully. Take note of the combinations whose effect is stunning and you can always take a photo so that you can remember later when dressing up.

  1. Know when Too Much Is Too Much

It happens that sometimes we go overboard with the layering, stacking, mixing and matching. You could be drawing the eye up to your face with layered necklaces and several piercings of Rose quart earrings or  Garnet earrings plus an additional cuff. If that is the case, then you don’t need an armful of colorful gemstone bracelets because they will only serve to compete for attention with your necklaces and earrings.  You can always practice the famous line of “before leaving the house, look in the mirror and remove an accessory”

  1. Think Hard About Your Earrings

If you are one of those women who can easily forget their earrings, don’t think any less of yourself because it happens often especially when you have beautiful gemstone necklaces and bracelets stealing the show. However, keep in mind that your earrings are usually the most seen by anyone talking to you which is why they will require careful thought when selecting the ones to wear. Always choose earrings that will complement your skin tone, hair, and eye color. If the earrings you want to wear don’t do that, then perhaps you should reconsider.  Start by looking at those Citrine earrings or lapis lazuli earrings differently. See them combined with your hair color, skin tone and eyes; do they make or break your look?

Is it possible to style jewelry and make yourself stand out? It is possible to make your jewelry work for you and not look boring. You can get to that level where you are at your fashionable best because you properly accessorized with your gemstone jewelry.  The above tips should be helpful in achieving that lovely jewelry-styled fashionable look.

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