Killing It Fashion Wise With Stacked Gemstone Bracelets

Women who love gemstone jewelry all over the world are always looking for new simple and affordable ways to incorporate more crystal energy and pimp their wardrobe palette with a multitude of gemstone jewelry.

Harmonizing Rainbows

Gemstone bracelets have become so popular and many women buy them based on their own personal needs or intentions. Most of them are currently turning their arms into harmonizing rainbows and looking for matching outfits in order to stand out fashion wise.

The harmonizing rainbows on arms is a trend that didn’t begin today, but goes back as far as 7,000 years ago to ancient Egypt where gemstone bracelets have been an accessory with special symbolic and decorative value.  For eons, bracelets have been documenting and representing special moments in life or just adding color and style to a plain outfit.

Stacked Gemstone Bracelets Rage

Today, wearing bracelets made from semi-precious gemstones has been re-invented. Stacked bracelets are now the new trend that is spreading like wild fire. Instagram and fashion runways are awash with images of models wearing stacked colorful gemstone bead bracelets. The ornate and vibrant colors of stacked gemstone beads are beautiful to look at. When worn with the right outfit, there is only one word to describe the look and that is “smashing”. 
Handmade Gemstone Bracelet

However, you can’t just randomly pick gemstone bracelets and create a stack of them on your arm. You have to make sure that you achieve a trendy look and that you get the most of it by being careful with your choice of colors.

Contrast And Dynamics

Creating contrast and this dynamic look when selecting your stack of gemstone bead bracelets is very important. Make sure two colors of gemstone next to each other are completely different but form this contrasting pattern. For example, you could chose a citrine bracelet and follow it with a fiery red garnet bracelet and lastly an amethyst one.

Citrine Bracelet

The best thing about wearing stacked bracelets is that you are open to experimentation from the many options available. Just make sure you combine as many different colors of gemstones as you deem necessary to pull off your look.

The Reserved Look

Yes, it is possible to look reserved wearing stacked gemstone bracelets and the secret is simply experimenting with gemstone bracelets of the same color family. Doing this will ensure that you look trendy without making a bold statement and create that reserved look with stacked gemstone bracelets.

Keeping the Noise Down

There is the jiggle jaggle that happens when you wear several bracelets at once.  This can make you feel like you are drawing too much attention to yourself and not for a good reason. The solution to this is simply wearing close fitting bracelets.

Stacked Gemstone Bracelets At Work

There is one rule when wearing stacked bracelets to work. Only go for a handful and don’t overdo it. Stick to one color family and you could also add a watch in the stack for the complete professional look. Make sure your outfit is perfectly complimented with your accessories of stacked gemstone bracelets.

Stacked gemstone bracelets aren’t for the faint-hearted; you really have to be bold to embrace the look and wear it cleverly. At the end of the day, everyone should want to take out their phone and take a picture of the true fashion image that you are.


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