Labradorite Gemstone Jewelry – Some Tips for Choosing the Right Ones

Labradorite Gemstone Jewelry is known to exhibit labradorescence, an effect caused by light especially when the jewelry is rotated at an angle. The gemstone was at some point called the rainbow moonstone because of the colored effect, but that isn’t the case anymore because both stones can now clearly be distinguished. The gemstone was first discovered in the Labrador region of Canada back in the late 1700s.  However, newer deposits have been found in Russia, Finland, Mexico, Madagascar, Australia and United States.

Mystical Properties

According to Eskimo Indian lore, the northern lights were actually freed from the Labradorite gemstone. The Labradorite gemstone is known for its powerful protective quality that prevents negativity and any misfortunes from affecting the wearer. It is said that if you have any innate magical powers, they will rise to the surface when you wear Labradorite Earrings. It is also known to enhance mental and intuitive skills of telepathy, clairvoyance, prophecy and further assists in communication with higher spirits and guides. Wearing it to the workplace also means that it will bring out the best in you and make work life more productive and enjoyable.

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Choosing Labradorite Gemstone Jewelry

This gemstone makes beautiful jewelry such as Labradorite Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. Keep in mind the following when making your choice of labradorite gemstone jewelry.

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  • Labradorite Color Surprise

This low key grey stone isn’t popular for nothing because it happens to have a big surprise when you look at it. Its displays of bright color flashes that range from blue to yellow-orange, jumping forth from the darker parts of the stone is what makes it so special and revered within gemstone jewelry circles.  These colors don’t really exist within the stone, but are instead the result of light movement within the stone. You can find Labradorite jewelry with flash ranging in color from white, light yellow, orange, fuchsia, light aqua, blue and so on. Some gemstones might come with one or two solid colors combined with the color shift quality resulting in a beautiful piece.

The rarest colors of this stone are usually the purples and fuchsia, some pink-copper shades and very light blue or true white flashes of color. These rare forms as expected generally cost more but even with a tight budget, you can still find lovely looking Labradorite Anklets complete with the labradorescence color effect.

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  • Think Ahead

When choosing labradorite gemstone jewelry, think about how you are going to wear the jewelry.  Mentally picture your wardrobe and think of the different outfits you are going to pair your Labradorite Bracelets with. If you are buying it as a gift for someone, consider what they mostly wear. If they are often in a formal business environment, something more subtle like a bracelet or pair of earrings might be appropriate for them. So choose your labradorite gemstone jewelry wisely.  You may want to accessorize it with a certain pair of shoes or handbag to create a special outfit for example. In the end, just ensure that this jewelry finds the perfect pairing somewhere within your wardrobe.

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  • Always Ask Questions

You might have done your research on labradorite gemstone jewelry online, but asking your jeweler questions is also prudent. Asking questions will always add to your knowledge and help you find the best labradorite jewelry. There will always be that additional fact which will influence your final decision and help you select the jewelry that you will value for many years.

Labradorite gemstone jewelry is indeed beautiful thanks to the uniqueness of each stone. Pair it up with the right outfit, and you will qualify as a head-turning fashion goddess.

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