Layering Up Your Gemstone Necklaces Like A Pro

You probably have an entire box, wall or drawer devoted to holding your gemstone jewelry accessories. However, like most busy bees, you probably lack the time to carefully select the proper pieces and end up wearing the same quartz necklace, bangle and earrings all the time.  Maybe because your reflexive arm is always reaching for those tired everyday jewelry pieces since wearing the same things makes your life easier and you don’t have to spend much time thinking about how you can look even better with different accessories. Well, that habit should be done away with because you are going to be thinking about how you can make the best of your great jewelry trove by layering up.

Gemstone Jewelry

Borrow A Leaf From The Beautiful Masaai

Have you ever thought about layering your necklaces? The effect is usually stunning when done right.  The traditional Maasai women of Kenya have been known to layer up their necklaces especially when donning their full traditional attire.  The necklaces could be a stack of 10 or more and the effect is usually very artistic thanks to the colorful beads used to create them.

More Is Better

If you are going to layer your gemstone necklaces then you will need more than one to strategically layer them together and achieve that lovely result.  For example, select a citrine necklace, a blue amethyst necklace and any other necklace of your choice and wear them together for that layering effect.  Just make sure that you are layering in levels which means varying lengths if you intend to pull off that special effect.

Citrine Necklace

Your Layers Of Color

If you want that bodacious look, go for bright primary colors of gems and really go all out for that multi-color look.  On the other hand, you can layer beads within the same color family to achieve that softer look.  An amethyst stone necklace, for example, could be paired with others of the same color family and varying lengths to achieve that lovely unique look.

Choose Your outfit Well.

If you are going to layer your necklaces then they have to be seen and look stunning against the backdrop of your skin or top that you are wearing.  A blouse with a deep neckline will be effectively framing your jewelry.  Tops with higher necklines can work perfectly if you are going to layer your choker necklaces.

A low neckline is not the only option as you can accessorize a top with a higher neckline.  It could even be a turtle neck, but it will only work perfectly if you choose your colors and necklace lengths wisely. Ensure that your turtleneck’s color, which will be the backdrop of your layered necklaces, blends perfectly with the necklaces.  Your multi gemstone necklace, for example, should not only blend with the others that you have chosen to layer it with, but it should also be perfect against the backdrop of the color of your top.

Go For The Unexpected

Layering is all about having fun and this means going for the unexpected and blending pieces that you have never combined before.  Layering your necklaces is your opportunity to create a unique look that defines you.  It is less likely that someone else has the exact same collection of gemstone jewelry as you, therefore get creative with your existing necklaces and you will be surprised just how much you have been missing out on the varied stunning looks that you can achieve.

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