Look Gorgeous With Fine Carnelian Jewelry!

If you aren’t confident when it comes to accessorizing, choosing the ideal jewelry for your casual, evening out or black tie event can be overwhelming. If you have diamond studsthen you will be sorted, but not all of us can afford precious stone jewelry. For that reason the semi-precious options that exist can also make the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. In this case, Carnelian Jewelry will work the magic with any outfit you choose to wear any day.

Carnelian History

This beautiful orange-red gemstone was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians and Tibetans. It was regarded as one of the precious stones and mostly worn by members of high society with authority and financial power.  The high society people in those ancient days were buried with their precious carnelian jewelry including Carnelian Earrings and more when they died.

Carnelian Earrings

More Than Jewelry

You will not only look amazing wearing this stone, but it is reputed for its wide range of benefits.  For example, some believe that it is the “stone of joy” which helps in improving your low moods; others believe that it is the “setting sun” for you which enhances your female energy, hidden desire, love and passion.

The list of benefits is even more extensive.  While it was believed to be a plague stopper in ancient times, in modern times some believe it to be provide as a catalyst for motivation and endurance.  One very common belief found across several cultures is that it is the ideal talisman for success career wise and financial ventures.

Apart from stimulating creativity and motivation for both old and new pursuits, Carnelian Bracelet also contains protective abilities. It is believed to protect against rage, envy and resentment both from within you or from others around you. It is also ideal for emotional healing especially if you want to overcome any sort of abuse that you have experienced.

Carnelian Bracelets

Donning Carnelian Jewelry

Accessorizing with carnelian jewelry calls for more than just throwing in several carnelian jewelry pieces in various parts and walking out to meet the world. Lay out your carnelian necklace, earrings, bracelet or Carnelian Anklet and then take stock of your wardrobe. There can only be three main looks that you intend to pull off and they are the casual look, the evening out style, and the black tie event look. Of course, the styles for these looks vary and whatever way you want to present your style,you will look gorgeous with your fine carnelian jewelry in the end.

Carnelian Anklets

The fiery Carnelian Necklace can be worn to your black tie event along with you gown, or with your favorite T-shirt when you want to keep it casual either during your evening out or when going out on errands. A carnelian bracelet or several of them can make the perfect arm candy making you look spectacular especially if you are using the carnelian color fieriness to brighten your outfit.

Carnelian Necklaces

The busy carnelian jewelry color is perfect for mixing and matching especially with fabrics of similar color or ones that beautifully contrast with the color. Make your outfit color choices wisely and creatively with your fine carnelian jewelry, like a true fashion goddess.

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