Look Younger And Beautiful With Gemstone Jewelry

While ageing gracefully sounds lovely, most of us especially women want to look younger than we are and will search for tips and tricks to accomplish that. Some will go through face lifts and other heavy procedures to maintain that youthful appearance. Others will decide to go the more natural way of eating an anti-ageing diet, regular exercise, various skin care products, wearing the right clothes and so on.

Apart from those options, semi-precious stone jewelry provides another option of giving you that younger, brighter and glowing look.  When you think jewelry, forget the belly button ring or the nose or eyebrow stud which might make you look like you are trying too hard to look young and cool.  Instead, think gemstone jewelry which will help you achieves that younger and beautiful appearance. The best thing about gemstone jewelry is that the list is endless; you can choose peridot, garnet, citrine, amethyst, moonstone, carnelian and many more. You can’t personalize or de-age your wardrobe better than with Gemstone Jewelry.  But how do you do it?

handmade gemstone jewelry

Outlined below are some useful suggestions that will make you achieve your desired younger and beautiful look.

Light Up From The Chest Upwards

Gemstone jewelry can help you light up your face and bring more light to your eyes. It could be Citrine Bracelet, a peridot necklace or amethyst earrings. Just make sure that there is a dash of color from your chest upwards; remember that from this is the part of the body that is the seen the most. You have probably been wearing earrings from a very young age.  Therefore, your piercings might be stretched and elongated and if your lobes are droopy then you have that aging look. By all means correct that before wearing your colorful gemstone earrings. You can do so by getting your stretched piercings sewn by a cosmetic surgeon and then re-pierce them when you heal. This will bring out the best in your choice of semi-precious gemstone earrings.

citrine bracelet

Give Voice To Your Distinctive Eye Color

Matching your gemstone jewelry with your eye color will also work in your favor. If you have distinctive eye color then by all means do not hesitate to match your gemstone earrings or necklace with them. If you have green eyes for example, match them with the green of Peridot Earrings or necklace. You can also contrast the color of your eyes by for example wearing the fiery colored carnelian necklace or earrings if your eyes are a dark or deep blue.

Peridot Earrings

Pay Attention To Your Clothes

Clothes market the woman as well, so pay attention to your clothes as you chose your gemstone jewelry. The jewelry is a great accessory to your wardrobe, but the clothes have to be right as well. Just because you are older, everything shouldn’t be formal and less colorful.  Have a little adventure, adapt to power t-shirts, fitting sweaters, ¾ sleeve jackets ( to show off your gemstone bracelets) , ¾ pants ( to show off your Gemstone Anklets) and more figure flattering dresses to make you look more feminine and younger.Attractive attire and explosive semi-precious gemstone jewelry combined will lead to a younger and beautiful looking you in the end.

multi agate anklets

Remain Curious, Be Inspired

Always be on the lookout for the latest trends of gemstone jewelry. Keep looking and keep exploring the different ways that you can make your gemstone jewelry work for you.  In the end you will always look younger and beautiful and when you are curious to explore the different ways to achieve beauty and inspired to make your gemstone jewelry project the best of you.

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