Love Your Valentine With Gemstone Jewelry

With Valentine’s Dayaround the corner,when it comes to gemstone jewelry, you don’t have to go through that nerve-racking experience of what would be an appropriate gift.  You can fret about what kind of chocolate to give, the all too common flowers and all the other cheesy stuff, but never worry when choosing gemstone jewelry because with many options available, youguarantee that you will bestow your Valentine with something special and memorable.

While giving Gemstone Jewelry is an easy choice which is guaranteed to please, this doesn’t mean that you should not put some thought into which gemstone you should purchase; don’t just go to any jewelry shop and pick the first beautiful gemstone piece that you see.  These gemstones are associated with special qualities, powers and meaning so get to know what it is that you are getting her.

The amethyst for example is the love goddess Diana’s sacred stone and believed to attract affection and enhance sensuality. St. Valentine who is the patron saint associated with marriage and love is also associated with the amethyst stone, thanks to a charm key known as St.Valentine’s key which was made of amethyst and famous for unlocking the heart of anyone who wore it or received it as a token of love. This makes amethyst jewelry an appropriate Valentine gift.  Ultimately, let your heart make the selection because you will know what best symbolizes and expresses your love.  To steer you in the right direction, a few suggestions to get you going are further outlined below:-



A Gemstone Necklace

A gemstone necklace will make a great Valentine’s Day gift.  Forget the cliché heart necklaces because you will have many options from the array of semi-precious gemstone collections currently in the market.Garnet necklaces, amethyst necklaces, moonstone necklaces, rose quartz necklaces just to mention a few, are great choices to consider. They are many beautiful gemstone necklace pieces associated with love, and they all make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your Valentine. Most gemstone jewelry will look beautiful when worn, but just go the extra mile and choose one that will for example set off her eyes, her hair, her skin andother features.

Subtle but Powerful Gemstone Earrings

You don’t have to splurge when you decide to get great-looking gemstone jewelry for your Valentine. You can show the woman in your life how much you love and care for her with subtle but very powerful gemstone earrings.   Many semi-precious gemstone earrings such as amethyst, garnet, moonstone and Rose Quartz Earrings are not only very beautiful gifts, but they are also a staple in the modern woman’s jewelry collection. You can surprise your wife or girlfriend with this thoughtful gift that will no doubt make a great impression. If you think you need to take it further, you can pair the earrings with a matching anklet or bracelet.

Gemstone Anklets and Bracelets

You can never go wrong with these especially if your Valentine loves anklets and bracelets. There is a wide array of options that she will adore. Get her an Amethyst Bracelet or a Rainbow Moonstone Anklet to enable her to accessorize different outfits. They are simple but very thoughtful and effective gifts for Valentine’s Day.


You don’t have to get her fiery, shinning diamonds that will weigh heavily on your budget when you can get her stunning semi-precious gemstones that will equally take her breath away.  And giving her the gemstone will show that your love is as unbreakable as the lovely gemstone that you give to her.  Make this Valentine’s Day truly special with a gift of gemstone jewelry.

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