Lovely Gemstone Jewelry On Valentine’s Day

Gemstones are fascinating, their beauty, magical colors, myths and legends have made them honored and revered for centuries in many cultures around the world. They are still popular today because they continue to fascinate jewelry lovers and remain the symbol of beauty, love, health, well-being and special powers.


Sought-After Gemstones

As gifts, the Gemstones Jewelry is highly sought-after this Valentine’s Day season. The semi-precious gemstones associated with love thanks to the legends and myths surrounding them have piqued the interest of people who would love to give a romantic gift on a special day. Stones like the garnet, moonstone, amethyst and the rose quartz are associated with love and widely sold as jewelry pieces during the love month.

To find the perfect gift, you will have to educate yourself a little on your partner’s tastes especially if you are in a new relationship. Take a look at their jewelry box and you will have an idea of the kind of jewelry that they love and choose the ideal gemstone jewelry including Rose Quartz Bracelet. They might, for example, love dangling earrings, colorful necklaces, bracelets or anklets. Armed with the knowledge of your partner’s tastes you will know which bracelet she would likely hand pick!  Even if you are not completely aware of what she may choose, there are gemstones that are associated with love.  Some semi-precious gemstone jewelry that you might consider as the ideal gifts for your partner on Valentine’s day are as follows:

A Rose Quartz Piece

Anything that has a rose name is ideal for Valentine’s Day and the ‘love stone’ which is another name for the rose quartz, makes the perfect gift. A Garnet Necklace, for example is ideal as a gift for bringing in the new romance, love and great relationships in your life since it symbolizes unconditional love. The stone is associated with clarity and is believed to dispel any form of negativity in the wearer’s life. It is also believed that it offers protection against negative energies. This beautiful pink colored stone has been part of the myths and legends that go as far back as ancient Greece, Egypt and Roman civilizations, not to mention the ancient Tibetan and oriental cultures. Giving rose quartz jewelry to your valentine is indeed conveys the depth of your love.

An Amethyst Piece

The Amethyst stone is actually February’s birthstone. Amethyst jewelry is therefore is commonly sold in February, the month of Valentine’s Day.  Like all beautiful and mystical semi-precious stones, the amethyst has great legend surrounding it. The most famous one being a Greek myth in which a mortal maiden named Amethyst was on her way to the temple of the goddess Artemis, when Dionysius, the god of wine and festivities, released tigers to devour her. The maiden cried out to Artemis for help and the goddess turned her into the white crystal to protect her. Dionysius then felt remorse and wept and spilled his wine on the white crystal which turned into the beautiful purple color. When exposed to light, this stone looks even more dazzling and beautiful. Amethyst Earrings will no doubt make your Valentine’s heart beat only for you.

Give It With Love

When you finally find that special amethyst or garnet jewelry for your Valentine, wrap it up and give it with the knowledge that you have really given her something special that she will remember.

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