Mix and Match Your Gemstone Like A Jewelry Fashion Icon

As you choose your gemstone jewelry for accessorizing, let your attitude be that of positivity and playfulness. If you want the spectacular feminine look go for that upbeat color clashing, frill upon frill of beautiful patterns and complete it with colorful gemstone jewelry. It doesn’t matter if you will wear a ruffle dress, checked lumberjack shirt or a multi-pattern dress make sure your jewelry takes center stage.

Gemstone Jewelry

Tell the world who you are with just a single glance.  Let your look say that you are a cool, collected and on on-top-of-it kind of woman. If you work very hard to ensure that your outfit presents the best image, shouldn’t you do the same for your jewelry?

If you are going to wear several pieces, then this means you will get to mix and match your gemstone jewelry in order to obtain that coordinated look. Here are a few pointers to help you get the result you seek using women’s fashion jewelry

 Match Them If You Wear A lot

Not everyone loves the less is more rule which is why some women would love layering on necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. If this is how you rock your gemstone then fully embrace it and be yourself through and through.  Decorate your neck with a lapis lazuli necklace, followed by your arms, ears, and ankles with similar gemstone jewelry to create that cool matching look that you intended.

Go For Great Quality and timeless Gemstone Jewelry

As you go jewelry shopping, remember that you need to get jewelry that will look great on any occasion. When it comes to achieving that tasteful look, quality matching is the way to go. First, if you have sensitive skin you will not come to harm when wearing gemstone jewelry because it lacks the substance to cause skin irritation. Apart from keeping your skin safe, you will also get to wear this jewelry on many occasions and for many years.

 Focus on A Particular Area Of The Body

When you are matching your jewelry, it is more effective when you decide to show off a certain area of your body. When you do this, you will look great and hardly appear overwhelming. You can focus on your neck, wrists or ears. You could, for example, wear A Citrine Necklace and match it with another subtle colored gemstone for earrings or the bracelets, so that you can make your neck be the focus. In this case, the necklace will be the statement jewelry and therefore the center of attention. In other words wear bracelets, earrings, and a necklace but pick one piece of jewelry that will stand out.  Let the rest of the jewelry complement this one piece but never a have a scenario where each piece of the jewelry is bold.

 Always Settle On Gemstone That Means Something To You

Jewelry is more than just a Moonstone, Amethyst or Peridot or just a gemstone. Always consider a stone with special meaning to you. If you are going for Garnet Necklace, make sure it means something to you. Someone special might have given it you as a gift or you might have bought it because of its mystic properties, or for any other reason that you deem good.

Always look for jewelry that you can mix and match together. Make changes to your existing collection and upgrade your jewelry with timeless pieces that will look great for more than a season. You can still have your old jewelry but make sure you upgrade to a quality look that will make you look great. With many rules about jewelry obsolete feel free to engage in new trends and create unique ones of your own.


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