Moonstone-Wear The Sophisticated And Distinctive Look

Moonstone, a milky-colored gemstone, has been part of both history and folklore for centuries. It has been used as jewelry, talisman and revered.  In ancient Rome and India, it was believed that the moonstone actually fell from the sky; this is why it has been commonly associated with the moon. Many have used moonstone jewelry because of its healing properties and others for clairvoyance. However, the fascination with moonstone jewelry doesn’t only stem from its mystical properties and lore, but its beauty.

Moonstone Beauty

Moonstone jewelry is exquisite because it shimmers with mystical beauty when light hits it. Its beautiful sheen is similar to when opals and pearls shimmer. One would say it actually looks like a starlight, something similar to what the elves of Tolkien’s middle earth would wear. Tolkien recognizes the beauty of this stone because in one of his books, he describes jewelry similar to the moonstone which was given to the Hobbit Frodo when he went on his way to his perilous journey to Mount Doom.  Besides, it is not hard to imagine an “elvish” princess wearing a moonstone necklace or pendant.

Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces

Moonstone Lore

The ancient Greeks named the moonstone Aphroselene in honor of the goddesses Selene and Aphrodite. The Romans believed the goddess Diana resided in every moonstone and the people from ancient Asia believed that the gem was actually a ray of moonlight full of good spirits. In India it was thought of as a symbol of the third eye.

Married women have worn moonstone earrings to help them have a happy future without conflict. This is why it was commonly used as an engagement ring for couples during the Victorian times.

Moonstone Earrings

Sophisticated and Distinctive

In these modern times, jewelry is mainly worn to achieve that sophisticated and distinctive look. Moonstone jewelry, when properly paired with modern outfits, brings out that distinctive look beautifully. The jewelry has been worn both in and out of the runways and it has always managed to achieve its purpose which is to make the wearer look spectacular.When you get creative with various outfits in your wardrobe and pairing them up, your moonstone jewelry will always come through for you.

The Modern Princess/ Queen

For those still fascinated with the fairy tales of their childhood, it is possible to achieve a distinct image that can be translated into “the modern princess look”. You don’t have to wear the sweeping twirling skirts and a tiara to look like the modern princess. You can wear your beautiful and colorful summer dresses and accessorize them with moonstone anklet. You will definitely not look like just another beautiful woman, but will stand out because you anaged to pull off a sophisticated and distinctive modern royal look.

Rainbow Moonstone Anklets

Moonstone jewelry will always be a great part of fashion for every woman because its beauty is timeless.  With its undeniable mystic beauty, you just have to decide if you are going to wear it just as a moonstone necklace or pair it up with moonstone earrings along with moonstone bracelet or anklets for that sophisticated and distinctive look.

Rainbow Moonstone Bracelets

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