Need To Make Your Gemstone Sparkle?

Remember when you first got that Lapis Lazuli necklace? Remember how you looked at it and smiled because of its sheer beauty? Remember how it sparkled and you wanted to wear it for all eternity. However, a lot of time has passed and that moonstone bracelet or Garnet necklace has lost its shine. You have neglected it for too long and now its color no longer shines bright and sparkles as all gemstone jewelry should.

Carnelian Necklaces

You wore it to events too many times and removed it only to leave it lying around for the kids to play with or for it to gather dust. You might also have worn that citrine necklace for a long time without taking it off. The sweat and water exposure while you showered might have contributed greatly to its lack of luster. However, you don’t need to worry because your gemstone jewelry is not beyond help. You can still restore it to most of its former glory. The following tips should help you achieve that.

  1. Create Time

It is easy to forget to create time just for cleaning your jewelry. The busy schedules, the busy careers and endless house chores for the stay-at-home moms and demanding kids usually make jewelry cleaning a minor task that doesn’t require much fretting over. The only time you remember that your gemstone jewelry needs cleaning or polishing is that time when you are just about to wear it. Don’t wait for such a time; create time for cleaning your jewelry and giving it back that sparkle. Your jewelry offers you great service by making you look spectacular; it is therefore up to you to create time for maintaining it.

  1. Know Your Gemstone’s Moh Scale

Now for you to know how much clean and polish your gemstone jewelry can take, you will need to know its position on the Mohs Hardness scale. This scale ranks jewelry types according to how hard they are.  This determines whether your jewelry can be scratched or can scratch another. This will enable you to know which pieces to clean separately and which ones to clean together. It will also guide you on your choice of cleaning agents for certain gemstone jewelry types. You will know if it is okay to, for example, clean that Carnelian Gemstone necklace with hot soapy water or with a rug died in orange juice or vinegar. Their hardness will determine what cleaning agent will best work on them.

  1. Know What Cleans Best

Just because you can clean diamond jewelry with vinegar and bring out its shine  doesn’t mean that all jewelry will react the same. If you want to preserve the color and sparkle in your gemstone beauties then you have to use the right cleaning tools and substances for best results. Do your research and find out what will clean carnelian, moonstone, peridot and any other gemstone jewelry pieces in your collection.

There is no doubt that your gemstone jewelry will benefit most from your cleaning attention. As much as they all feel hard and they  look so colorful, the cleaning process is different for all of them. If it becomes too difficult and confusing, you can always seek the advice of a professional jewelry cleaner or simply take your jewelry for professional polishing.

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