Organization Tips For Your Gemstone Jewelry This 2019

Gemstone Jewelry

As you list your New Year resolutions, list jewelry organization as one of the things you will focus on. In the past year, you probably did a lot of tracking down missing jewelry. Losing an earring, getting your necklaces tangled that you didn’t know what was what, losing that prized diamond or  Labradorite Bracelet and so on clearly made you uncomfortable in some instances angry. You want to wear a Peridot Bracelet for example with your brown outfit to that gala event and you can’t because you can’t find it.

Make this year different by focusing on the great organization for your jewelry. Your jewelry just like your closet needs organizing with every pair of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in place for you to find and enjoy flaunting the best fashion looks.

To know where to find that Multi-Agate Bracelet every time you need it, here are a few ideas for jewelry storage.

  1. The Zip-Lock Bags

The Zip-lock bag is an affordable, practical and professional way of storing your jewelry. Yes professional because even the jewelry professionals use it to pack and store jewelry. When you are not using your jewelry you can safely store it in one of those zip-lock bags. They will not only keep all pieces safely together but they will also keep your jewelry from tarnishing. When you travel you can put them all in the zip-lock bag together and no piece will scratch against the other.  This way you have your jewelry looking as sparkly as the day you brought it home. If it’s an Amethyst Bracelet, it will look as sparkly and beautiful as the day you bought it. You can have zip-lock bags for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. It is actually a great way of tidying up things in your jewelry drawer.

  1. Consider Decorative Displays

If you are one of those jewelry lovers who want their jewelry where they can see it, then look for something to help you achieve that. You could find small antique cups or plates and put the various gemstone jewelry pieces you have. Separate different pieces so that you can easily find where everything is. Be careful with this option and always go for small or medium-sized decorative storage displays to avoid clutter or avoid going back to what you were initially avoiding, which is a gemstone jewelry mess.

  1. The Classic Jewelry Box

The classic jewelry box might be old-fashioned but it is still around and being widely used and with very good reasons.  It is convenient storage for your gemstone jewelry because everything will have its compartment. Most of the classic jewelry boxes look lovely and will make a lovely decoration piece on their own in your bedroom. So besides keeping all your gemstone jewelry organized they will add flair to your bedroom look. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.

  1. The drawer option

If you love to keep your jewelry out of sight and prefer the minimalistic uncluttered look in your room then a drawer with compartments for everything will work perfectly. This is a clean and safe way of storing your jewelry. You will know where to find everything without fumbling everywhere. Besides if you don’t want anyone sharing your jewelry, you can always add a lock and key and keep it out of reach from that relative or friend who won’t buy jewelry of their own.

Now that you know, keep all that disorganized sparkly and pure niceness of gems on your dresser under control this 2019.


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