Pashmina Hand Embroidered Shawls to Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s day is beckoning and it is a great day to look forward to because you are going to make your mother very happy. There is something you can do for this woman who would drop everything without a second thought just to come and be by your side when you need her. You can give her a lovely gift that will bring her joy and remind her that yes, you are her “perfect” child.  Think of the countless number of times you kept her up all night, from your fussy infancy right through your coming home well after your curfew during your wild adolescence days.


Now that you are grown-up and more understanding of the sacrifices she made for you, why not make it up to her in a small way because you can never really repay her for the love and time she spent on you. You can only show her how much you love her. One way of doing this is getting her one of those beautiful Hand Embroidered Pashmina Shawls.

Pashmina Hand Embroidered Shawls

Why A Handmade Pashmina?

 The Pashmina shawl is a very soft and warm fabric made from the fine type of cashmere wool harvested from the Changthangi goat, found on very high altitudes of the Himalayas in Nepal. The making of a single Pashmina shawl is a long and difficult handmade process, but the end result is usually a very beautiful fabric especially when it is embroidered. It is said that for the weavers of Kashmir to complete one Pashmina shawl, they have to put up around 250 hours of work which explains its cost.

Symbol of Hard Work

Giving a Pashmina shawl to your mother on mother’s day is one way to recognize the hard work she put in to raise you. The Beautiful Pashmina Shawl which takes great work and skill to create from wool that comes from a distinct breed of goat could be a symbol of the great work she did with you.  The soft and warmth from the shawl could help her stay warm and at the same time look fashionable while thinking just how blessed she is to have such an appreciative child.

Hand Embroidered Shawls

Very Beautiful

Pashmina shawls are very exquisite. The intricate embroidery work makes them even more so and combined with the fact that they are handmade, many will view them as a work of art which they truly are. When presenting it as a gift to your mother on Mother’s Day, your mother is bound to appreciate the fabric’s unique beauty.

 She Will Love It

A Pashmina shawl is a unique gift and very personal. Your mother will no doubt love it, and even if she has others, one more in her wardrobe will always be welcome especially since it they come in so many different patterns and colors.  When she goes out and throws on that beautiful shawl to complete her outfit, or to simply stay warm, she will always think of you and bless you in her heart. In these tough times, you definitely need a mother’s blessings. Therefore, go get a Hand-woven Pashmina Shawl to make Mother’s Day special.

Hand Embroidered Shawls

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