Photographing Your Gemstone Jewelry

Photographing jewelry is not easy because capturing the beauty and shine that makes that jewelry fine requires more than just snapping your camera as it is pointed to the jewelry piece.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure the picture you take speaks more than a thousand words to anyone who looks at it without looking at the real thing. A peridot bracelet or any other gemstone bracelet, for example, should look elegant enough in your photos for someone to truly appreciate its beauty and want to own it’s for sale.

Gemstone Jewelry

There are a few things that you will need to get the best photos of your gemstone jewelry.

  1. The Right Camera

Get a nice digital SLR camera if you want to achieve that close-to professional look for your gemstone jewelry photos. You could get a second-hand camera as long as it functions well since a good brand new camera doesn’t come cheap. If you are going to buy a camera just for photographing your jewelry, consider a camera without many features and without a high mega-Pixel rate for best results. A 3 Mega Pixel camera would do just fine. Remember that what makes the difference is actually the quality of the optical system and not the number of pixels.

Most Digital SLR cameras will enable you to manually adjust most aspects of the camera. Just keep in mind that automatic modes are never ideal for photographing jewelry.

  1. Natural Lighting

Unless you are a skilled photographer with a well equipped professional studio, consider only natural lighting for the best photos of your gemstone jewelry. Using your camera’s flash is not advisable because the jewelry will reflect the bright light and leave white light spots and harsh shadows on the images of your gemstone jewelry.   Consider positioning your jewelry near a window during the day and if it is too much, consider covering your window with a white sheet of paper or a light curtain of any other color that will turn the color of the light in your favor.

  1. A Mannequin Bust

Props present your jewelry in the most realistic shape. A mannequin bust will give your jewelry elegance especially if you are selling it because your buyers will get a preview of how it will look on them.  A lovely gemstone necklace will look very attractive on a mannequin bust. The color of your mannequin will depend on your jewelry. Just make sure the color of your jewelry contrasts with that of your mannequin for the best effect.

  1. A Cardboard

In case you don’t have a mannequin, you can still display your jewelry for photographing by using a cardboard. The cardboard will act like a jewelry clipboard. Everything can be displayed on your cardboard from your gemstone earrings to an elegant moonstone bracelet if you please.

Carnelian Bracelets

  1. Wear It

This is another way to show off your jewelry in the photos; wear it with the right outfit. You could also simply photograph that part of your body which bears your jewelry. If you are wearing a carnelian bracelet, for example, you can photograph your wrist. Make sure the color of gemstone bracelet you choose blends perfectly with your skin for the best look. If you dodn’t feel like photographing yourself, consider looking for the perfect model to wear it for the look that you desire to achieve.

Whether you are making the photos for the online gallery of your gemstone store or simply creating more interesting Instagram pages depicting your passion for gemstone jewelry, you can do a perfect job when it comes to photography.  Just get as creative as you can starting with the above suggestions.

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